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As we have lived in this our human physical forms we have been subject to the pain, trauma and separation that this race endures and is conditioned to accept. It can often be challenging to rise beyond this because we are within a human physical housing. The DNA/RNA frequency bandwidths that the actual physical vehicle transmits and accepts can block certain energy alignments which is why it is VITAL that we understand how to work beyond the limits that the human physical vehicle presents.

At this time the WAVE that is being poured upon this dimensional space is allowing for dimensional movement that has never before been experienced to the levels that are unfolding. It is PARAMOUNT that we go beyond that which is presented by our human physical form and understand that the permanent healing being offered is offered on a win/win basis.

Many who are sitting within human family lineages that are holding deep grief are faced with the ANGER and ABANDONMENT that is held within the physical human vehicle they are incarnated within. This is reflected back to them by their families and often is mistaken for an abandonment personally. As we work thru the 7 steps to HEAVEN in TRUTH we will be given the opportunity to walk thru the walls that have held our family lineage trauma in place. As we walk THEY HEAL also. This is not as is often presented us walking away, that is the human logical mind which presents the only picture that it can reach before the experience.

Deep HEALING is a gift from HEAVEN in TRUTH, we lose nothing, we lose no one in the process and the separation and division that has seen deep pain remain will dissolve fully. This is to be experienced, it is not something that can be seen from the current vantage points because the human logical mind has NO reference for this part of the journey.

At this time we are asked to go deep within the heart space and to let go, to work with HEAVEN in TRUTH and to understand that the smallest of steps is all that is required. We do not need to now HOW or WHEN only that WE ARE.


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