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Surrender in TRUTH vs Surrender in Rebellion

We are now moving into the physical manifestation of a series of events that have long been defined by the media and theological discussions.  Such is the depth of false reference points that many within humanity will remain blind to that which is now unfolding on the physical plane on which our human physical vehicle exists.   Much like at the time of Christ walking the earth the religious groups of the time simply refused to believe who Christ was this will play out again.  Such is the definition for the end of times that many have run after the many and varied false flags that have sought to define that which is only now coming into physical manifestation.

Theology works from a viewpoint that is entirely human and as such is flawed. We are part of a much larger picture that simply cannot be viewed from this human physical form and darkness knows this.  As we are now validating at a very physical human level that which has held darkness in place is now removed, it is removed as per prophecy, there are many within humanity who still deny that darkness exists just as there are many who deny that darkness has been contained and suppressed until this time.  Such is the power of the human mind and the picture that is presented to it and accepted.

The veils are being removed so that we can fully understand through the physical interaction that we have on the plane that our human vehicle exist upon that which has raged at a spiritual level for ever. It has not raged for eternity because the fall happened and ripped many from eternity.  The dimensional space that humanity are born into is not eternal for it is not TRUTH, it has however been around forever. The human logical mind does not like phrases such as "eternal" or "forever" because it has no experience of them.  The human logical mind is only tethered to human consciousness which is but part of the human life experience. We are not our human logical mind, it is but part of our make up but it has been driven to the fore and in the process of driving to the fore it has impacted heavily on the human life experience itself.

It is vital at this time that we remain in our heart space in order that we can reach understanding of that which will now make NO sense whatsoever to the human logical mind.  We have been conditioned to make sense of chaos not understanding that chaos already has an order, it is just not a logical nor reasoning order therefore it remains hidden to the human logical mind. Humanity have been driven to the point of exhaustion through the conditioning of trying to apply logic and reason to something that exists well beyond the boundaries of both.

The veils that contained darkness contained it to the point of logic and reasoning, now the veils are removed logic and reasoning has been removed and those who use both to make sense of the human life experience are the most vulnerable.  When we cannot make logical sense many within humanity simply close down and in doing so detach themselves fully from the physical plane in which they exist.  This is a surrender in rebellion, a surrender that says "okay i cannot do this, i am gonna bow out it is too much".  This is rebellion because all who are incarnate at this time within human physical form chose to be here.  This is something denied by many at a very conscious waking level because the human logical mind states it makes no logical sense.

To surrender in TRUTH we must remain in our heart space and understand that we do not do any of this alone because we are not alone. We are part of wider creation in TRUTH who chose to come here to this closed dimensional space in order to move humanity into the evolution long denied to it.  In doing so we have the power of LOVE in TRUTH to move any, all and every obstacle on our path.  We are asked to surrender in TRUTH and to allow our understanding of the power of LOVE in TRUTH to be reached through the physical experience that will now be afforded us.

We are not a the mercy of anything for nothing is stronger than LOVE in TRUTH, it is the very fabric of creation.  The challenge as always is in preventing the human logical mind persuading and demanding. Miracles sit out with our human logical mind and reasoning because they do not obey the unwritten rules of both logic and reasoning.  A miracle is that which the brain simply cannot reach because of the polarized nature of the human logical mind.

At this time we stand in full surrender of LOVE in TRUTH, knowing that LOVE will find a way, for LOVE is the only force that exists in TRUTH and it is now cleansing and clearing this dimensional space in preparation of the evolution of humanity.

LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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