Surrendering the CLOCKS in order to move forward in TIME

We are never more blind than when we believe that we can see. Human language is a blindfold like no other and the Archangelic energies are here to help us move thru this barrier. We use phrases such as "body clock" or the "clock is ticking" and then we let it go, we do not actually see what we are talking about. The "body clock" that is used repeatedly is connected to TIME LINES.

When a TIME Line illuminates for removal it affects our internal "body clock" and begins to reset out frequency bandwidth. ALL IS FREQUENCY and all is VIBRATION. This dimensional space is a RESONANCE and there is a BODY CLOCK as part of it. The body clock keeps TIME with the resonance of a vibrational field. If we are stuck in a field (which is a field of frequency, you can view it as a world) then we cannot leave said field until we NO LONGER resonate with it. We can view this akin to magnets, they create a field and the polarization will bring you in line with the field all the time. Again human language "field of vision".

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