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Surrendering to a choir of Angels

WE ARE asked at this time to listen to the voice of the angels that are now singing loudly around us. Many at this time are forging ahead attempting to bust thru to the other side by simply forcing their will. This is non TRUTH and is not supported, it simply works to tire out the human physical vehicle on the spiritual and emotional planes. This is like continuing to throw yourself against a door that you are convinced is simply jammed, it is LOCKED for a reason and the angels sing to guide you in which direction to walk.

Many of you are simply enjoying the music but then powering up and once more throwing yourself at the door. YOU ARE NOT GOING THAT WAY, turn round and FACE THE ANGELS. Once you have turned yourself around you will be guided each step by the frequency that these BEings are transmitting at this time. This may mean walking BLINDLY in a direction that makes little to no sense to you, this is due to the heavy programming that is being triggered within humanity at this time. You must change channels by fully tuning into the angels, the world as you know it is GONE.

Now the human logical mind will deny this TRUTH, it will state to you "look everything is where it was before". Which is a level of statement that appears to be true. Whilst it may look like everything is there it is GONE. What we are experiencing at this time is the echo of what WAS and as we get further away from it then we will begin to see the changes that are held from us by the echo.

Those in the human race are going to start doing some CRAZY STUFF and this is due to the triggering that is happening at this time. Be prepared for some mind blowing antics from humanity who are trying to keep their world in place by simply stating it is still there. Its like when someone dies and a relative cannot accept the death and goes into mania. This is what is occurring within the human race at this time. The weeping and the wailing will go on and we cannot comfort them because they simply cannot hear us.

This allows for us to tip toe further and further in order that we can now take our places in the new world. When the denial is no longer in place then they require something to move into, hence we walk in silence at the funeral of the old earth, we take our places outside waiting for the human race to attend the WAKE. It is at the WAKE that we announce our presence and as we do then those who are able to WAKE will walk with us to the new.


Karen x

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