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Surrendering to TRUTH in order to end the battle that is over in TRUTH

It is understood by many within humanity the battle that rages what is not understood so deeply is that the battle is over.  The battle has been won, we are told and it is prophesied and this prophesy has been butchered and hidden to many who have simply accepted the false reference points created to hide this.

We are drawn back into the battle when we fail to understand our Victory and as said "victory" has been hijacked by the construct of religion we also fail to understand the power in said Victory.  TRUTH JUST IS and TRUTH wins because TRUTH is all that exists.  This dimensional space that is currently being used as a platform to reap and to harvest from the illusion of the continuation of said war is not part of wider creation and the rules of wider creation have been held back through corrupted sacred geometry and occult rituals and rites that have til very recently kept this dimensional space isolated.

This has now changed, we have gone beyond the point of collapse and that which is now being revealed is the validation of that which has sought to convince humanity that this is a planet spinning in a universe.  Unfortunately many within humanity are attempting to stop the destruction of a false construct through their fear that there is nothing beyond said construct.  Just because human consciousness has no reference point for something does not make said something not exist, it just shows the limitations that are being revealed of said human consciousness.

We come from spirit, our spirit is eternal but we have been conditioned to place the focus on the human physical form in which we incarnate.  So much emphasis is placed on this that many simply dismiss anything that is not physical. This of course is deliberate conditioning, a bit like conditioning someone to remain within a prison is deliberate because after a while you don't even have to check the door is locked, the person will remain inside because their fear keeps them there.

The doors are now unlocked and that which has sought to chain us to a reality that breaks most of the laws of wider creation in TRUTH is now on the run as it were. It has nowhere to hide because IT CANNOT MOVE INTO WIDER CREATION. It will become un-creation which means it will cease to exist. So it hides in the corners that are left, it hides in the human physical forms that still maintain that darkness is not real. It hides in the secrets that are still being kept and it will remain in hiding to the last moments.

In order that we can now step out of the hiding that we have used as our default position (it is a manifestation of the conditioning we are subject to) we have to surrender to TRUTH. Our protection is in the frequency of TRUTH, this is a relatively simply thing to do but a challenging thing to accept.  We simply hand over that which comes up within us and is shown to us as that which is holding us to that which we have lived previously. So if we have lived a human life experience holding on to a grudge, a moment, an event etc then we simply hand it over and ask for wider creation in TRUTH to release it from us. We also ask for forgiveness. It is staggering the amount of people who refuse to move into forgiveness fully believing that holding on to grudges, moments and events somehow helps them. It is like breaking an arm and preventing someone from re setting it, deliberately working to keep the broken arm as a reminder.  It serves no purpose other than an anchor and as we now begin to set sail from these shores we cannot travel far if we are anchored at any point.

Fluidity of motion is the key that is used to open the door that is now presented to many within humanity. We do not require to know all the ins and outs of how something will change and expand, we move into our heart space and we feel and we then let go.  It is very very tempting to try to exert control but that is stating that we know better than wider creation.  The trees do not need to control their growth, the stars do not need to control how they shine and the wind does not need to control where it blows, all is wider creation which is HARMONY in TRUTH.

We have been out of harmony, we have been conditioned to be the false note that prevents the song of creation from being heard. We require to be re-tuned so that we can hear said song and we can allow it to flow through us and beyond.

At this time we are asked to remain vigilant for there are many within humanity who are looking for a vessel to fill as their own one becomes full of that which requires to be handed over. We require to see those we share this our human life experience with as the frequency they are NOT what we perceive them to be. For many at this time it will be an eye opener quite literally. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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