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Swimming for Shore or WALKING in TRUTH?

For many within humanity at this time the outer waking reality is one that is changing and morphing repeatedly. A bit like standing on quick sand the ability to stand and be grounded is disappearing. This is part of the dissolving of the Old Earth Matrix itself. A race that has fallen for the illusion that somehow they are in control of a Matrix that seeks to harness their despair is a race that has no "standing" in TRUTH. In lay mans terms it is not possible to stand upon an earth that simply does not exist.

The human logical mind of course will debate this until the end of everything. It stands on a side walk that feels solid so it dictates that that that which was stated in the above paragraph cannot be real and yet "real" begins in the human logical mind and is then projected from said human mind into the space around our human physical form.

The debating will now gather in strength as those who are trapped within the mind scapes of human logic and reason go to war with all of those who choose to side step the prison cell that this is in TRUTH.

We are asked at this time to remain in surrender and to release that which will arise within us as we begin to understand the panic and fear that is presenting to us in the outer waking reality has always been there, it has just been hidden behind various veils that have now been removed. FEAR is not of our Creator YHWY, it is a self creation that is manifest thru our connection with the Old Earth Matrix itself. It is the link between the pineal gland and the MATRIX itself. It is the controller of the human life experience itself and those who have fallen to the "de-calcification" stories of the MATRIX itself will now find it increasingly difficult to navigate without being seen by the MATRIX because that is where it views from.

We are asked at this time to focus on that which is now building within us, TRUTH and we are asked to understand that a race that has been harvested for it is ability to fall to fear at each and every turn is a race that will not listen to anything but fear at this time. The fodder that it has been fed forever is fear, in order to step out of the fear vibration that is now arising we have to stop eating at the same table as those who devour.

We are not here to nourish the decay, the horror and the defilement, we are here to step out of the horror and into TRUTH. The bridge that we have to cross is the cross itself, we are not here to sacrifice in order to gain but to surrender the sacrifice in order to side step the lines waiting to offer themselves up to that which owns this dimensional space.

In the days of old it was called a harvest, it was the time when those chosen for human harvest were hailed as saints for their sacrifice to "appease the gods". The gods have merely changed their presentable forms, the sacrifice remains the same and the outpouring of hate, selfishness and greed and suffering is that which said gods live upon.

The behavior of those who are now marked for sacrifice will continue, the need to sacrifice those around them in order to "live" will increase, we will begin to see behavior that has not been documented since "biblical times" and therein lies the illusion. We may not cross the country on donkeys any more, we may use vehicles, we may fly in planes but the ingrained deepest part of the human psyche remains.

In a world built on pain, separation and division we are unlikely to see much in the way of love and unity because it is rejected in this dimensional space. It is at times of intense frustration, intense fear, intense confusion that the REAL HUMAN reveals itself, it is not therefore what we say but that which we do in such circumstances that reveals where we are and who we are in TRUTH.

In a world where many subscribe to "love and light" this will be tested because it is one thing to appear to walk this path it is quite another to find it in the dark. This is the time in the prophetic realms that dark now walks the earth, it is the time where the LIGHT is removed and it is done so not in judgement of a race but in order a race can use the LIGHT WITHIN THEMSELVES to find the EXIT.

Those who have spent time doing the inner work, who have consciously removed themselves from the fear frequencies by going deep within the heart space and who work only from said deep heart space will find the LIGHT to find the exit point, those who have maintained the illusion thru the human logical mind will find themselves in the dark with no LIGHT for TRUTH JUST IS.

The entire point of phase one of the full ascension to evolution phase was to instil the LIGHT within in TRUTH so that when the MATRIX pulled the plug on humanity at the end of this cycle those who anchored TRUTH could exit in full. This time is NOW upon us.



(c) Karen Doonan

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