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Swimming thru the sharks in TRUTH

It is often said that those around us are like us and yet this hides TRUTH, those around us are not so much like us as protecting us.  We use those around us akin to a safety net, relying on the feedback from those closest to us to validate our own existence.  Tensions mount when the feedback does not match up with that which we believe internally and when this occurs it is conditioning that sees us seek to replace those who disagree with those who once more agree.  It is in these ever decreasing circles that we exist and it is within these ever decreasing circles that we now step out of.

Lucifer knows and understands the stepping out for he is prepared, all are prepared for ALL JUST IS, as humanity struggle to understand thru their refusal to let go of linear and time/space there are those who have managed to permit themselves movement from a different angle. ALL JUST IS, ALL HAS TAKEN PLACE IN A MOMENT but the human race are bound to a frequency that shatters this into fragments and which they are conditioned to accept is simply time and motion.  It is this holding on to linear and the conditioning that past comes before present comes before future that hides TRUTH.  None exist at all, all are a manifestation of a frequency that has bound humanity to a timeline(s) that is a fragment of the bigger picture.

As the fragments are gathered up and handed back thru Christ then we become more solid in our frequency and once more I would state that frequency is stronger than anything else, TRUTH is a frequency, it is not a belief nor a conditioning it JUST IS and as we begin to anchor to it more and more strongly we begin to solidify inside of it.

This becomes like an invisible force field for want of a better analogy. The frequency of TRUTH shatters all that is non TRUTH and as this often sees that which we have accepted as truth begin to crumble it also reveals the fear that is within and which TRUTH begins to root out.

At this time we are moving beyond the circle of fear and in doing so are now navigating thru waters that may appear to be shark infested but the sharks have NO TEETH, they are but the memories of that which has held us in fear and have no bite to them. It is TRUTH that protects us from these memories and as we remain in deep surrender IN Christ we are held fast.  As we begin to solidify in the frequency of TRUTH we begin to emerge from where we have been submerged.  That which we have dealt with will begin to dissolve and desiccate and as it does so it will simply cease to exist.

The human logical mind cannot cope with this concept if it is permitted to remain attached to logic and reason and the linear time frame. Often memories are so stuck that when we go back to childhood places, when we return to the places that held the most memories we are shocked by the changes that have happened, for within our human memories the place and the memories have remained intact.  We will view the memories from the surroundings that WERE in place.

Now we are to be prepared to venture to that which is TRUTH and prior to this we are asked to let go of what was to experience that WHICH IS IN TRUTH. This may see landscapes revisited but from a different angle so that we have physical experience of this wiping of the slate. For whilst we are conditioned heavily to hold tight to memories they are not the life rafts that they give the illusion that they are. There is only one ROCK that we can stand upon in TRUTH and this is in our full surrender IN Christ, all other life rafts are simply illusions.

Now the sharks will be fed from another source which will see them move away from where we are and they will be replaced with ROCK and it is upon this ROCK that we stand firm and in TRUTH. It on this ROCK that we will walk to the shore and stand on FIRM LAND free from the illusion created from the waters and the oceans of emotional debris that all sail upon.

For those who are following prophecy this is the physical manifestation ofREVELATION 21:1 KJV And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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