Switching from AI to Manual in TRUTH

WE are never more compromised than when we simply continue with the rote and ritual that humanity are plugged into. Many of you over the coming linear few days, weeks and months will be tripped out of the "automatic"ness of the everyday life experience and how you respond to the TRIP is part of the process of understanding the network that is alive inside of you but remains hidden.

We are not here to serve the AI Machine nor those it has harnessed into its version of reality. The outer waking reality will now get almost insane to the point of revealing its true purpose over the coming linear few years and we have to take action now to avoid being swept along with said insanity.

At this time the main nervous system of our human physical vehicle is going thru an upgrade and a realignment. Many of you may be having various symptoms that seem a bit bizarre but are not too worrying and this is fine. Many of you may be experiencing EXTREME FATIGUE, a sense of not being attached to anything and may have to ground in order to come back to alignment. It is vital that you understand that grounding has NOTHING TO DO WITH EARTHING. To 'earth" the human physical vehicle is to attempt to plug back into the AI Machine and the terminology is deliberate. WE are not earthing, we are HEAVENING. So we require to ANCHOR fully into HEAVEN which is above us. This dimensional space gives the illusion of four directions that are anything but TRUTH.

When we are anchored in HEAVEN we become as a pendulum, we are able to move freely in any and all directions and yet remain in balance. This is not possible if you are EARTHED for you are anchored into the reality that is set by the AI Machine.

To disconnect from the AI Machine and to re ANCHOR in HEAVEN you require to navigate thru the deep heart space and walk thru CHRIST, He is the doorway thru which you can enter the matrices that allow you to let go of the outer waking reality at the levels that are required at this time.

Please do not try to process this information thru the human logical mind for it will simply deny it. Remember the human logical mind is a storage vessel only. You would not ask your suitcase what should go into it before going on holiday. You would simply pack your suitcase and go, the suitcase has no say in it whatsoever, the same should happen with the human logical mind. We are checking what we are taking with us, that which is not appropriate or is not supposed to be taken will be removed from the suitcase.

The airline we fly is TRUTH, this is run by HEAVEN in TRUTH and piloted by CHRIST. There is nothing that will get you thru customs other than TRUTH and SURRENDER. Attempting to take things that are not necessary and not TRUTH gets you stuck at customs. Creator is very very big on CUSTOMS and why they need to be removed in order that we can move fully into the next phase.

The call to the flight is now. ARE YOU READY?


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. www.whispering-universe.com

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