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Taking back our humanity in TRUTH

It can feel very debilitating indeed when faced with the resistance of darkness to that which is TRUTH. Many who begin to move into the expansion in TRUTH process are taken aback by the sheer force of resistance that they begin to find as they make the smallest of alterations to their internal emotional landscape.  The human logical mind will try to teach that it takes a mass movement to effect change in the human life experience and as this is not TRUTH it will reject that which is revealed to it.  The human logical mind works against us in this process at all times and all moments.

We have been conditioned repeatedly to hand over our life experience and to place it in the hands of those around us. Whether this is to those who are no longer in human physical form or not is irrelevant, where we stop at the boundary that says "he/she will not approve" we have given our human life experience to another.  This is hidden in many places with movement seen in various areas of the human life experience itself but there will come a point in the expansion in TRUTH process where we feel a fear that we cannot put words to but which we can feel intensely. The internal resistance to change is anchored EXTERNALLY in those around us. This is why it can be tricky to work with because it is not internal, it was moved to the external deliberately thru the conditioning.

At this point in the evolution process many feel dis-empowered. They may be sitting within family structures that seem almost impervious and THIS is the densest illusion that Lucifer presents. Where we are asked to step outside of the "permitted" behaviors and decisions held at a family level we will find the most resistance.  Cries of "we dont do this", "what one earth are you thinking" and "what happens to us" are not voiced, they are sent out on a frequency that has many simply standing still unable to make any movement at all.

Prophecy is completing moment to moment but the old earth construct/matrix has hijacked the VIEWING of said prophecy. We may read statements on social media and printed media that seek to have us believe that a certain level of prophecy has been completed when it has not.  Darkness believes it can chain the entirety of humanity and yet this is NOT POSSIBLE.  We do not have to simply believe this and somehow sit in some silent prayer continually for we will be shown this TRUTH personally and very physically thru experience.

It is the human mind itself that will create the walls that we then fall to and it is our SURRENDER IN CHRIST that brings these walls crashing down. Many sit feeling defeated believing the false teachings that unless a certain percentage of the human population believe or somehow "wake up" then all is lost and darkness needs this teaching to remain unchallenged. It is not about NUMBERS it is about FREQUENCY and a SINGLE FREQUENCY can shatter the densest of glass ceilings.

At this time we are being ATTUNED to TRUTH and as this is the foundation of wider creation in TRUTH then we are being fine tuned to emit a frequency that shatters all, every and any wall that Lucifer has cultivated.   We must simply surrender IN Christ, stepping back from the demands of those around us to make movement, to make decisions and to adhere to the very unwritten rules that humanity live within.

TRUTH JUST IS and we are now being prepared for the full collapse of all that is not TRUTH. There are many hollywood movies (deliberately to place a  false reference point within the human logical mind) that seek to define the collapse of the old earth construct/matrix but as it will happen out with this definition many will simply not even register it.  Where we have a solid reference point and the actual event is out with the reference point we have full blindness at human physical everyday level.

For those who are now embarking on the evolution process which is reference as the expansion in TRUTH process the ability to make in roads will now expand.  It took ONE MAN to break the hold of darkness and His ability to do this was His connection to TRUTH.  His reason for breaking the hold is only now being understood and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH HEAVEN AND THE AFTERLIFE, this has been the modus operandi of the entire construct of religion since His crucifixion. Without Him coming to this dimensional space and going beyond death then the lie would have remained.

We do not follow Christ anywhere, we surrender IN Him and in doing so are able to walk in the dimensional spaces where we in our human physical form simply cannot walk due to FREQUENCY and bandwidth.

All is not as it appears to the naked human eyes which take frequency and make it solid.  Unless we work at a frequency level we are blind before we start and we are blinded repeatedly by the human logical mind when it is permitted to venture back into the library of false reference points that humanity know as HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.

It was not a consciousness that went to the Cross, it was a FREQUENCY that took human male form for a particular reason. To show that the impossible was simply an illusion, to show that there is LIFE BEYOND THE DOME and to show TRUTH to humanity. Many stories and false teachings have been woven deliberately around this event and all seek to blind the seeker and have them follow a wizard who seeks to deny them that which our Creator YHWY gifted to His Children when He sent His Son in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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