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Taking down the false lens of chaos in TRUTH

We are limited by our human logical mind and our human eyes in this our human physical form until we gain the trust and faith that is required in order to let go of the lenses that we are conditioned to see through.  What once appeared to us as a shattered, somehow scattered reflection then becomes a very clear picture.  Logic DOES NOT lead us to the understanding of this TRUTH. Indeed it is logic that we challenge over and over again until we can drop this filter also.

At this time the apparent "chaos" will now dissolve revealing a VERY clear picture, one that our soul prevented us from reaching and one which we will now understand to the very core of our human vehicle. When we are led by the SPIRIT that is gifted to us by our Creator YHWY we can see the obstacles that are placed before us in order that we simply side step them.

Within Lucifer's world that which is interacted with is infused with the trigger points that are necessary in order that the soul construct begins to spring to life and blind the human vehicle, this is now negated as we walk confidently in places that our soul construct prevented and into which our soul construct is not permitted to walk.

As we begin to walk in this new way of living and being we will find that which attempted to draw us off course, that which attempted to block our path will simply dissolve for it has NO POWER OVER THE SPIRIT THAT IS GIFTED BY OUR CREATOR YHWY.

At this time many within humanity are now shaking off the bonds that have held humanity in chains forever. They do this in order to prepare for that which is foretold and of which we are forewarned.  The book of Revelation will now solidify at a physical waking level.  Unfortunately the media platforms have done a very good job of pushing a very false picture which has made logical sense due to the false reference points that are readily accepted by the human logical mind.  We are reminded that not only is not all as it appears but that which appears will be revealed to ALL levels of creation and by this I mean creation beyond which humanity are aware of.

We are not alone, we have never been alone, albeit we have been conditioned to not only accept this but to use this as a tool of rebellion. We were never forgotten, like seedlings planted in deep soil we are now nurtured to enable us to not only break through said deep soil but to reach the sunlight that we require in which to bloom.


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