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Temptation is a tool not used by TRUTH

We are born into a dimensional space that seeks to provide us with continual evidence that it is other than it is in TRUTH.  We are conditioned from the moment that we take our first breath, we "learn" what it means to be human and in doing so step out of our own humanity.  This makes little sense to the human logical mind but our heart understands fully.   When we are growing and adapting (the key word is adapting) to our surroundings we begin to filter and in doing so step out of our own humanity.  It is our early years caregivers (whether they are our blood relatives or not is irrelevant) that instill inside of us the "rules" of being a "human being" and we reference this blueprint at all moments of all moments. It matters not what we experience in our later years so much as that which we are taught and conditioned within the first two years of being alive in this our human physical form.  The blue print is complete by the time we are two years old and this blueprint is ENFORCED by those around us as the blueprint is a frequency bandwidth that determines our entire human life experience in this dimensional space.

We are bound to this blueprint until we can move into the surrender and expansion process that is often referenced as ascension but is actually evolution. We can only evolve when we understand how we have been denied our own expansion.  A flower that is potted in a pot will adapt to the pot and will not be able to spread and to grow if it is left in said pot.  However the adaption only ever takes place when the plant is re-potted into a bigger pot. If the pot is maintained the plant will be pot bound, the plant will give out signals that it needs to expand but it is up to the gardener whether this happens. Within the old earth construct/matrix we are kept tightly controlled and the expansion is denied.

We require certain nutrients at a spiritual level in which to thrive and these are also denied in this dimensional space.  Many are now withering and dying and yet this is taken as part and parcel of the human life experience itself. It is to be noted that choice within the old earth construct/matrix is offered in respect of said pot, so many within humanity choose for the glitzy, the bling and the most acceptable pot to remain planted within, but this hides the need for the plant to be moved to a NEW pot where it can expand and grow.

Temptation is that which is offered in order to ignore this TRUTH, many for example within the construct of religion will church hop, this phenomenon is on the increase, with congregations simply moving to a church that tells them what they wish to hear and not what they require to hear. The temptation to up sticks and just to change is always present in the dimensional space that humanity are kept bound to. Temptation is not of our Creator YHWY, temptation sits with Lucifer and is that which this dimensional space is built upon.   It is not only within the construct of religion that this phenomenon occurs, it occurs within all constructs, the illusion presented is that of different surroundings equate to a new experience.  Nothing is further from TRUTH, we can change the wallpaper on our living room wall and the wall appears to have changed but the wall is still a wall and the living room is still the living room.

The eye will search for the choice at all times because discomfort is that which aids growth and especially spiritual growth. Our Creator YHWY will remove the veils that are required in order for us to understand that which we are living within. We know it is from our Creator YHWY because the veils are not lifted for a quick look and placed back down again, they are REMOVED and nothing feels quite so disconcerting than a spiritual veil being lifted and that which is in front of us being revealed as the temptation that it is in TRUTH and not that which is presents itself as.

In the book of Genesis Adam and Eve are portrayed as eating the apple. This false reference point has humanity equating actual apples with sin and yet the actual meaning of that which happened is hidden and remains hidden. It was not the eating of the apple that was the sin, it was not Eve eating it and then getting Adam to partake that caused the sin. The sin was the INTERACTION AND MANIPULATION THAT TOOK PLACE IN THE DECISION TO ACCEPT TEMPTATION. So focused are humanity on apples and fruit and the false context that TRUTH remains hidden and temptation remains.

Temptation is simple and it is precisely why it is so easy to fall to.  Again the construct of religion plays to this by setting out a list of rules and rote and ritual in respect of that which is considered a sin and that which is not.  Sin is easy to spot it is that which separates us from our Creator YHWY period.  It is the giving away of our own humanity that is the root of all sin and as we interact with the temptation to sell parts of our soul for an easier ride in this dimensional space we get more and more pot bound and we stunt our own spiritual growth.

In a dimensional space build on the original sin and temptation it is not possible not to have sinned. It is how we accept our salvation that determines our walk out of sin or our binding to further sin. We can sit in church, be the perfect citizen but be more tightly bound to sin that the homeless person who has addiction issues and this is hidden in plain sight. It is not the eyes that determine sin and temptation, it is the heart space and Lucifer knows this, it is why this dimensional space plays to the disconnection from the heart space at all times.

We do not require to learn that to kill is a sin because if we are in our heart and connected to our humanity we INSTINCTIVELY KNOW that killing is against our own humanity. It is our heart that stops us from interacting with the temptation.  A person connected fully to their heart space will not kill, they will avoid it.  Soldiers become weapons of destruction not only in the wars that they fight but in their own personal life experience to themselves because they sell their heart first and foremost. They are trained to separate their own humanity from within, if not they could never take a life. The rise of PTSD is the manifestation of the destruction that takes place when we separate in this way. The temptation is to be a hero, the reality is to be a broken person who cannot relate to their own humanity. It is a spiritual separation and one that can only ever be healed first and foremost from a spiritual view. Salvation is available to everyone but free will sees many within humanity choose separation in place of unity.

At this time we are being shown the next level of reveal, the next level of veils are being lifted and as they are we venture further into our own heart space. It is a space that has been denied to us forever and a space in which we will feel very vulnerable but we are not alone in this process. We are IN CHRIST in order to walk in the very intimate spaces that many do not even believe exist such is the separation that is now manifest within humanity who are a reflection of the temptation that is this dimensional space in TRUTH.

Salvation in TRUTH is the healing of the manifestation of separation. It is not a free ticket to heaven which is an illusion presented repeatedly through the construct of religion. It matters this moment that which we do, that which we feel, we are not simply treading water waiting til we pass over. Passing over sees the incarnation cycle repeat and we go round the merry go round again.  We are offered Salvation in TRUTH within our heart space, we do not require the rote and ritual of the construct of religion, we need no ones permission to accept it, it is a PERSONAL decision and one that changes everything.  We do not require to believe in order to accept Salvation, we do however have to surrender and to let go of the need to control everything in this human life experience. From the place of humility of understanding that we do not have all the answers the journey begins and it continues. We are not dipped in holy water and suddenly are clean, the incarnation cycles prevent this but this is what is sold to congregation after congregation and how Lucifer keeps humanity chained to an illusion.

At this time we are asked to go within, to validate that only by going within can the outer change and shift and this is under the Grace of our Creator YHWY.  We are offered eternal life through our surrender IN CHRIST, we do not surrender to Him, Christ is a dimensional frequency that cleanses like pure water.   Lucifer may dress this dimensional space in a variety of colors like a rainbow but underneath the color is the blot of creation, a creation that defied wider creation in TRUTH and in doing so created the original sin which all of humanity are anchored to until they are not. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c Karen Doonan

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