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Tethering into the Physical Plane in TRUTH

In order to work more effectively and to align more fully with the human physical plane upon which our human physical vehicle exists we are required to tether fully to Wider Creation in TRUTH. This of course is done thru our connection IN Christ thru our heart space. It is the alignment of all 3 that permits for a very clear and very strong connection beyond this the Old Earth Matrix. This is of course required by the 144,000 who will gain all of their support and their guidance from beyond this dimensional space.

It is vital that we begin to let go of the distractions and the interruptions that are placed around us and within us (see latest podcast - awakening of the 144,000). If we do not do this work then we get a weaker signal and we then begin to get confusion setting in with the mind attempting to direct us and in doing so takes us around in circles. Remember we have never moved the human physical vehicle beyond the frequency bandwidths of the Old Earth Matrix before. It is vital that we take direction and adhere to the guidance that our SPIRIT in TRUTH supplies for us.

The Old Earth Matrix is akin to a lattice, it is created thru frequency bandwidths and is created thru dimensional layers that permit the human physical mind to believe that something is other than it is in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to be still and to go within, the outer waking reality will begin to feel VERY pliable indeed as we achieve this tether and this may trigger the human logical mind which is used to the feeling of STASIS. It is often when fluidity begins to flow that we feel a fear arise within us, like something is going to happen but we cant see what it is so the temptation is to batten down the hatches and freeze. This response is created from a frequency that no longer resonates and requires to be removed but is hiding. When this occurs we go within and we are given direction and guidance. When said frequency is removed we find balance once more.

This phase is not about living in some sort of continual flux and never making sense of anything, this next phase is downloading our Creation Purpose in TRUTH from SOURCE which is Wider Creation in TRUTH.



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