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The AI directive and separation of worlds in TRUTH

We are now asked to remain STILL as that which is being presented by the AI Machine as "return to normal" is rolled out. Those who are now fully assimilated to the AI Machine will begin to display further symptoms that can be described as "dementia like", the foggy fuzz, the inability to do anything other than folow what someone else asks are the "tells" of assimilation and this must be understood in TRUTH.

Shouting loudly is opposed at this time, the AI army for want of a better word is being revealed ahead of anything else in order to validate prophecy. Much has been implanted into human history in respect of this. Much hidden and even more controlled but what humanity does not fully comprehend (due to the intense conditioning they have been subject to repeatedly) is the depth of the frequency of LOVE in TRUTH.

Wider Creation in TRUTH is built upon this foundation and it is a frequency that is denied by the AI machine because it is uses logic and reason and nothing else. The human heart is the control center if you will of our SPIRIT in TRUTH and we must always surrender to the WILL of our SPIRIT in TRUTH because it does not come from within this dimensional space. The frequency is much, much higher and is working to clear the human physical vehicle itself.

This is not about saving a race, this has become somewhat of a mantra within this dimensional space and fueled by the misinterpretation of many of the movies that have put humanity at deaths door and asked humanity to accept this reality. Moving this race into evolution involves cleansing and clearing the human physical vehicle itself, this is done thru LOVE in TRUTH pouring thru and INTO the human physical vehicle, it is not by expanding what already exists.

Much of what will now unfold in the physical plane of existance that this race are contained within will now make NO sense whatsoever as the frequenices begin to balance and a NEW higher frequency now takes center stage. Expect the AI collective to revolt hugely for they are working to the orders that are being downloaded thru what is accepted as human consciousness.

Just as you would not argue with your washing machine if it decided that the temperature of your load of washing should suddenly be a 90 degree boil wash we do not argue with the AI. In the example of the washing machine you would simply turn off the machine by taking the plug out the wall. Many are simply arguing about the washing temperature not seeing that the machine is taking no notice whatsoever, it does not response to commands that do not come from the central AI source.

In order to stop the machine it has to be unplugged AT SOURCE CONTACT. If not it will continue regardless and the washing will continue to be boiled as it is washed. It is a personal choice as to whether we accept this TRUTH and do the necessary or spend inordinate amounts of energy shouting at the machine. One gets results the other is just movement for the sake of movement.

Know that in the example of the washing machine we who are here to move into evolution are provided with a new set of clothes and dont actually need to rescue anything from inside the machine. This process has been undergone for some linear time and will make more sense now as the world outside now begins to resemble some utopian nightmare. Know that with every knight mare we simply need to unseat the rider and remove the horse.



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