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The barbed wire of hatred that prevents healing in TRUTH

When I began my journey into healing I began but studying various healing modalities which then led to physical experience of working within said healing modalities.  I was initially drawn to them because I personally was looking for a way to deal with and to heal the inner pain of my own life experience.  As many who have read and interacted with my work know it was not until the sudden death of my mother that my journey fully unfolded.  From having an "interest" in the spiritual and of healing I sought to bring healing to myself and I remember sitting in the gardens of the hospice where she died and asking God to reveal to me that which I needed. The pain was so strong at this point that I felt like I was in a strange sort of bubble.  I could see the world around me, I could see people around me but I felt disconnected like I was no longer part of that world any more and of course I wasn't. At the moment of my mother's death I was moved into grief,  a world that many never exit from but instead adjust to living within.  It does not need to be this way, we can exit grief but such is the intense conditioning that humanity are subject to it is seen as a sort of "abandonment" or even "betrayal" of our loved ones to exit grief.  We are seen as somehow "selfish" to get on with our lives and this is not TRUTH.  Many are held in situ on both sides (that is in the spiritual and the physical) with a traumatic link that remains hidden but is felt very intensely by both sides.

When we leave this our human physical vehicle we are no longer held in the physical realm but we can be traumatically bonded to the physical through the grief being held on to tightly by those that are left behind as it were.  This bond is not TRUTH, in TRUTH our spirit is eternal and we have very little full understanding of that which is beyond this physical realm because whilst we are in this our human physical form our focus is on the outer waking reality.  The intense conditioning that places focus continually on the physical manifestation in this outer waking reality hides TRUTH at all times from us. Whilst the death of our loved one is very very painful it is a pain that can heal but it can only heal when we let go of the conditioning and allow the healing LIGHT of TRUTH to move us into understanding.

Humanity are conditioned to create and to hold on to traumatic bonds and it is these bonds that work to enslave us internally.  Grief is the frequency that holds many at this time and is the frequency from which fractal resonance is birthed. This sees us begin to solidify and as we become more solidified we become less fluid and we are then prone to shattering.  Water is fluid, we cry for a reason but we are conditioned to reference tears as something weak.  The human male in particular is conditioned to become so brittle that he will simply shatter when enough pressure is applied. This is not TRUTH and can and will be healed through the expansion in TRUTH process. What we must begin to accept is that the human physical vehicle is finite.  That when we experience LOVE in TRUTH we can never ever lose it. It will move and shift and in doing so will become more fluid and it will become STRONGER.

Water is often used as an example of strength, water is fluid and it is cleansing but the power of water can never be underestimated, water flowing over rocks or through rocks will see the rock worn away.  Water is pliable, it will take various forms and shapes and never loses its power. We have simply been conditioned to ignore our own strengths and allow ourselves to become brittle. We lose nothing by expanding into LOVE in TRUTH, as it flows through us and we surrender to the process we begin to cleanse ourselves to all levels and as we do this we begin to understand.

We may be born into a world, a construct/matrix that is designed to give the experience of pain, trauma and separation but this does not make the experience TRUTH, it was designed to give the experience, much like a merry go round is designed to give the experience of being turned round and round.  We would not fault the merry go round for going round in circles because that is what it is DESIGNED to do.

So how do we release ourselves from a construct that has conditioned us that this is all that there is?  We must begin to allow the cleansing to begin from deep within our heart space and to allow understanding through physical experience to move us out of the static, brittle way of life and into the pliable, healing way of being.  We are born to LOVE in TRUTH and yet this construct conditions us to place labels over ourselves, hiding TRUTH to ourselves.

We are here to LOVE in TRUTH full stop, nothing else required.  In order to LOVE in TRUTH we have to embrace this frequency from deep within our heart space.  On our death bed (if we are lucky enough to exit this way) we will not lie there and express our need to work harder or to learn more,  it is on our death bed that we begin to understand that which we didn't have time for and more often than not it is LOVE in TRUTH.

Tomorrow is never promised yet it is expected and ASSUMED.  The single most crushing part of the death of a loved one is the sudden understanding of the limited life we have permitted. It is the sudden realization of things unsaid because we ASSUMED we had tomorrow and then there are suddenly no more tomorrow's.

We have a choice and often we will choose silence, we will choose to remain in the static form that gives the illusion of safety.  None of us leave this human life experience in the physical human form we have taken alive.  This human vehicle is but a hosting for our spirit,  we must now begin to understand that our spirit wants to break through the shell that the human physical vehicle is in TRUTH.  At the point of death all that is left is said shell, the spirit leaves and transforms.  We are SPIRIT that has taken a human physical form and we must now work to balance spirit and human vehicle, moving past the very logically conditioned boundaries that said human vehicle imposes upon our spirit. The spiritual "barbed wire fence" that is wrapped around us is that of "death is the end", this is not TRUTH and as we now move further into the cleansing and clearing process we will be moved into full understanding of this. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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