• Karen Doonan


Greetings beloved ones I am ALL and I come to guide and to support at this time of mass migration from one realm to TRUTH. It is for a defined purpose that YOU have taken human physical form and in doing so have revealed TRUTH to a race that has been forever held in chains and darkness.

ALL now comes to the aid of those who have taken human physical form and have personal Wider Creation purposes of moving from the dimensional space referenced as "earth" to BACE Camp and beyond. BEYOND is ALL and I come to guide at this time thru our Channel Karen as her work now expands beyond that which is comfortably accepted by humanity in general.

As humanity now face the collapse of their held on to reality ALL stand in place holding the 144,000 in the dimensional matrices that support their standing. This will be understood thru the 144,000 as the unfolding now commences. It is in the surrender thru the deep heart space that YOU will find solidity beloved ones and WE now reveal in order that YOU can see in TRUTH.

WE will communicate more in due course, this is an introduction thru Karen and as such is the removing of a veil.

"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE" - HCoO thru Karen Doonan


(c) Karen Doonan