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We are now approaching a mass breaking of the illusion within the Old Earth Matrix. For many within humanity it has been a "long" time coming and many are actively attempting to force the breaking. It serves no one to work to break something if we cannot accept within ourselves that which is beyond said illusion. For all the starseeds, the angelic incarnates and the various other incarnates the coming linear 7 -10 linear days will be like a dream. That which has remained on the edge of your internal vision will begin to manifest in the solid, physical reality in which you exist.

Sounds great? whilst it is TRUTH for LIGHT to flood into this dimensional space referenced as earth it is one thing to accept the concept of this and quite another to accept the physical experience of this. Many within humanity are pushing for various manifestations whilst still refusing to do the inner internal work required in order for the human physical vehicle to ACCEPT A NEW REALITY PHYSICALLY.

It cannot be underestimated the power of the human logical mind and many have simply waited in the wings believing that everything will suddenly and magickally change when LIGHT emerges. But LIGHT has been referenced in such a dark way that many are fully unaware of the shock to the physical human form this brings about.

We are not here to walk in a broken human vehicle, much like a physical vehicle it needs to be upgraded and the oil changed just like a regular physical vehicle. Attempting to stay neutral is no longer an option. Many have fallen to the very deep illusion that somehow by living in a certain way they have affected their frequency bandwidth and that they are "waiting" for humanity to awaken.

This illusion was always one that the Old Earth Matrix was going to run with and one that is prepared for. Many who have fallen to the illusion of being "awake" and requiring that humanity "wake up" are setting themselves up for a major disturbance at a physical everyday waking level.

It is FREQUENCY that determines that which the human physical vehicle can ACCEPT, when the mind does not accept it rejects and it will do all that it can to prove the rejection, it is an internal defense mechanism. Over the coming linear 7 - 10 linear days there will be many who simply find their human physical vehicle SHUTTING DOWN and this is the safety mechanism that the Old Earth Matrix put in place.

It is not enough to state that you are "awake", it is not enough to simply sit surrounded by crystals, eating "clean" food and escaping into yoga and meditation, these do not affect frequency, they simply fool the human logical mind into accepting an IDEA that it has no basis physically for. Many who follow these very dense routines have difficulty seeing their fellow human beings as anything other than asleep and in doing so simply do not understand that releasing frequency allows walking in ALL dimensional realities.

If you require to "protect" your frequency then you are in illusion, if you require to "meditate" to quieten your mind, you are in illusion. If you require to "escape" the herd as it were you are in illusion and it is your human logical mind which is protecting said illusion by giving you the reasons above as a validation that if you simply remove yourself from the general population you are doing something different. You are sitting in a side road looking at a painted rock believing it is a piece of gold.

WE ARE asked at this time to remove the rose tinted glasses that have us viewing LOVE in TRUTH as some rosy 5D dimensional tree hugging reality when in TRUTH there is NO 5D, it is the oasis in the dessert that fools everyone who walks in the dessert. It is not real and yet it has attracted an almost cult following.

WE ARE moving into WIDER CREATION IN TRUTH, it is already there, we have simply been prevented from experiencing it in this our human physical form. Those who are incarnate into humanity in order to move humanity into full ascension are within humanity. Many simply are only now remembering who they are in TRUTH. They do not require to make themselves known, they blend in, they silently walk thru the darkest of places and they bring LOVE in TRUTH where it is needed.

EGO is the root of the SOUL contract, it is the fire at the root of the human physical vehicle that demands that the human physical vehicle is not only seen but is heard. It will burn the human physical vehicle fully before it gives way if permitted.

The OLD EARTH MATRIX has a security system that is built into the human physical vehicles that it hosts. NOW WE WILL SEE IT IN REAL TERMS IN THE PHYSICAL SOLID EVERYDAY WAKING REALITY OF HUMANITY.



(c)Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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