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The coming of the FLOOD in TRUTH

We are conditioned heavily to rely on reference points that are created out of human language, this narrowing of perception is done deliberately in order to hide that which is unfolding.  Where the human logical mind finds no definition that it has for a phrase or word it simply discounts it.  Many are in blindness at this time, pulled in by the glitz of the old earth construct/matrix that manages stage shows that are designed to fool the human logical mind into believing something is happening and that it is other than it is in TRUTH.

Where we look to the "world stage" we ignore the more local stages and where we look to one "world leader" our eyes are taken from the rest of the stages  This is currently playing to various created scenarios designed to keep humanity in the loop of a belief system that does not exist in TRUTH. We are approaching the completion of the last cycle before reset and that which is appearing to break down is by design.  That which the breaking down hides is that there is another option that was not available before and which was seeded some time ago.  As humanity are bound to the linear time construct it is hidden because the average human being will only ever relate to certain time cycles.  It is part of the conditioning of the human race to place focus only where there has been experience.

World "history" therefore is perceptive, it is always viewed through the eyes of the observer and as such will change and alter.  It is never fully related due to this distortion.  World history is also contextual and is always viewed through the context of that which is occurring within humanity at any one time cycle.  Thus is is used for validation of a construct who's actual design is deliberately hidden. It is designed to produce an effect and an experience and it does so as and when required.

What confuses and frustrates many within humanity is how to step out of the design and to experience something that is not by design. The human logical mind does not understand how this is done because the human logical mind is part of the design of the construct itself. So we have world debate that debates forever and that is part of said design.

The one thing that the old earth construct/matrix does not allow for is that which is seeded through  the heart space. LOVE in TRUTH is not by design, it is illogical, it is unpredictable and as such is a threat to the design of the old earth construct/matrix itself.  This is not some rare pearl that is being stated for many can see and accept this but then move back into their human logical mind once more. In order to remain fully within our heart space we have to detach from that which the human logical mind tries to tie us to and in its attempts tries to persuade us to ACCEPT. (please see previous blog).

The noose is tightening and many can feel it at this time. The distractions are now increasing and the need for a release is growing within humanity who now live within a design that leaves very little room for self expression indeed. Not a day goes by without some media exposure of how someones self expression should not be tolerated which is always presented as a support of the actual notion of self expression itself. So the ideal is always just like a carrot, far enough away to remain untouched but near enough to be seen.

Now humanity are being pressed together and the tension and frustration is built from within. This is akin to a melting pot, gather enough human beings together with the same frustration and then step back, they will self ignite and this is being manifest at this time deliberately for it fuels the fear that the rest of humanity have in relation to their own survival.

We are nearing the end of the most talked about prophecy ever within humanity and it is manifesting in ways that remain invisible to most because of the false reference points. The tipping point has now been passed and that which is now reaped by humanity was seeded a very very long time ago.  It is not for nothing that we now approach the end of days as it was in the book of Genesis. The words used, the context provided all hide that which is lived every day by humanity at some point in this dimensional space. The "flood" that is referenced is not a flood of water albeit it is the akin to it, the FLOOD is the outpouring of human emotion that has been denied to humanity, it is the bursting of the flood gates, it is the trigger that is used to break open that which humanity hold back.

For those who have been denied self expression, who have been hemmed in, trodden on, denied emotional response and who have been forced to accept this is the FLOOD. It is the outpouring of human emotion in ways that are self destructive.  The FLOOD has already begun and it will now steadily increase.

For those who are harnessed to the construct of religion the FLOOD remains hidden because they are assuming it is akin to that which was described in the book of GENESIS but there is more than one reference point for a FLOOD and more than one context. Focus on one will hide the other and vice versa.

Humanity now reach the end of the cycle of incarnations that is reached at the end of a life cycle that goes well beyond the human reference points of four score years and ten.  The reset will begin very soon indeed but it is a reset that a certain percentage will never take because they have chosen to step out of the old earth construct/matrix and enter a new world.

At this time we are asked to start building our boat, to take shelter from the outpouring in our heart space using forgiveness and to be ready to sail our boat when we are guided to for there is no going back, there is no other way forward apart from to set sail where we have never been before and just like in the book of Genesis those who will not survive the flood are not judged by us but are forgiven by us for these are the ones who sought to take us hostage so that we would prevent the reset that they know will happen but TRUTH JUST IS and all that is not TRUTH will now step forward and reveal itself. It will do so in an attempt to claim a victory it can never achieve because it simply played the game designed by the creator of this dimensional space itself.  Said game can never be won by playing, it is won by surrendering and this surrender is to TRUTH itself, only by surrendering to TRUTH can the game be exited and the player removed from the game. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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