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We are preparing to Cross the boundary that the Old Earth Matrix has put around the human life experience in TRUTH. We do this by removing all that keeps us static. This is easier than it first sounds, for many within humanity the idea that somehow they have to sit and somehow meditate or work out what is going on is so repulsive that they simply close down. Indeed there is a whole construct that seeks to teach humanity that "self improvement" involves endless hours of watching diets, doing X and doing Y when in TRUTH it is simply letting go of that which was placed within us.

The letting go is the handing over of that which is interrupting our frequency, view the human life experience as a soap opera, each day is an episode that is lived out within the context and confines of the frequencies that manifest the soap opera. So there are people who play very defined roles in the human life experience, there are those who pop in for maybe a couple of episodes but there are also long running characters. These episodes will follow a script from the Old Earth Matrix until the script writer is replaced. The script writer for the Old Earth Matrix is separation. So each episode will have a theme and the overall theme will be hidden to many.

It is our work in the deep heart space, it is our alignment with TRUTH that sees the script writer unable to write. When we lock in the frequency of TRUTH then the script changes and often times it can change dramatically. Suddenly we are no longer running the same theme, suddenly those who were written out are sudden back in and this is down to the frequency of TRUTH. If something is TRUTH no matter how much we may attempt to deny it or walk round it, it will keep appearing because it is TRUTH. As we work with TRUTH more and more then we begin to understand that the context that we have been appearing in each episode is not what it first appears.

Then we can begin to make movement where before it was denied because TRUTH JUST IS, nothing can stop TRUTH but we have to engage with it, we have to step into it and live within it. For many this is a scary prospect, the script writer has done an epic job of persuading many within humanity that he is the real deal and that without him they have no life, that nothing will work without his pen and this is the biggest deception of all. We are not here to appear in some story line that we have no control over, we are here to experience and live TRUTH.

But in order for us to experience TRUTH we have to let go of all the baggage that sees us carry the frequencies of non TRUTH and there are many. TRUTH is LIGHT, it lifts us, non TRUTH is heavy and will weigh us down. If you are carrying something at this moment and you feel the weight of it, then it is revealing itself thru the weight, it is non TRUTH because it has weight.

WE ARE asked at this time to prepare for the crossing by removing the heaviness that we have permitted to settle inside of us. We need LIGHTNESS of BEING in able to make the crossing, if we are too heavy then we simply will sink in the sand beneath our feet. WE ARE being shown at this time the heaviness that we carry and we are asked to hand it over.

For help in addressing the baggage and removing the root frequency that is active at this time you may wish to order a one to one session with myself, listen to the podcasts or visit the main ORION Portal website.



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