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The 'cult' of humanity

We are never more blind than when we use the outer waking reality as a navigation point. At this time many are aware of the influence and "mind control" techniques that are being used within humanity upon humanity. As the fear frequency is now embedding to new levels within a section of humanity this "control" group will now begin to influence those around them. This is of course part of the entire process that occurs within the cult of humanity.

We are born into a dimensional space called "earth" and we are initiated in a variety of ways into the cult of humanity. We are taught the rules of humanity, we are severely chastised when we try to overturn or walk past the rules, the severity of the chastisement of course is held within the different levels of the cult of humanity. The "elders" in the community will be the ones that impose the judgement and then the rest of the hierarchy will fall into line. We can see this in the "macro" and "micro" levels of this dimensional space. Family units replicate over and over, generations are taught the behaviors and the responsibilities of each family member. This can be seen community wide, area wide, country wide, culture wide, world wide, all are but levels within a tightly controlled organization into which humanity are bound.

At this time as the fear frequency is now weaponized the next generation of human being is being created. Those who are born into the madness of 2020 are already being educated in different ways than those that were born prior to the madness unfolding. This madness of course is interpreted at different levels all trying to dominate the behavior patterns that are seen within humanity as a whole.

Mind control, eating habits, sleeping habits are all forms of torture used in "cults", to brainwash the members, to have them fully let go of who they are and re-tune them to who they require to be to remain within said cult. None of this is seen by those within the cult who simply comply. Those who do not fit it are chastised and separated. We see this at this time, those who are forcibly isolated, those who are chastised for going against the rules, the similarities are there for all who have eyes to see.

The "new normal" is much more insidious than a repeated word, it takes a human being 21 repetitions to anchor a new way of behaving, many have been locked within their own minds for much longer than 21 linear days. As the mind feeds on itself it creates schisms thru which it attempts to understand and "normalize" that which is occurring. Already the human race have begun "normalizing" that which is not only not normal but blasphemous.

The use of the MIND is ever present within the cult of humanity, we are told repeatedly to broaden our mind, to sharpen our mind, always thru the mind because the deep heart space would instantly be at odds with that which is presented to the human eyes.

As we now move into the next level of Phase Two of the ascension to full evolution process we will be guided clearly thru our heart space, to let go of the traits of the cult around us. The traits that have left us deeply scarred, emotionally traumatized and which have led to self sacrifice being hailed as the ideal.

For further support in helping to move thru this please listen to the latest podcast from the TRUTH Codes Bridge series.

WE ARE NOT ALONE and for many who now wake up to the cult around them the first response is fear, WE did not come here to remain enslaved to the human logical mind. Christ turned the tables in the temple to reveal TRUTH as WE NOW REVEAL TRUTH TO ALL IN TRUTH.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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