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The Dehumanization of humanity in TRUTH

As the outer waking reality now begins to reveal itself many within humanity will take a step that there is no coming back from.  The choices being made now are the manifestation of the spiritual choice that humanity took in the linear time frame of approximately 2012.   For those who remember that year it was the year of vast chaos and supposedly the "end of the age" because it was assumed that the Mayan calendar "ran out".  This very logical and reasonable assumption forced many into a sort of spiritual frenzy which hid that which was actually unfolding.   Many within humanity seek still with their human physical eyes and attempt to match said "seeing" with the spiritual realm, when in TRUTH it is the other way around, we can only ever see when we are prompted spiritually to permit the removing of the veil at a human waking every day level.

Back in 2012 (as it were, time is not linear but is used in this blog to give context) there was a division of "worlds", it was missed by many but could also be felt by many.  The division was at spiritual level with those who chose to move into wider creation in TRUTH stepping from those who have chosen to continue the re-incarnation cycles that make up the old earth construct/matrix.

This is now manifesting and can be seen very clearly with sections of humanity experiencing a completely different version of a reality that many simply cannot access because they made the choice spiritually to expand out of said reality. Thus we have social media and printed media still enforcing a reality that many are now able to step fully out of because for them the choice spiritually was to step out of the re-incarnation cycles and allow the veils to be lifted fully, without the lifting of the veils no spiritual movement can be made.  It would simply continue the "wheel" that many are locked into due to the spiritual choices made in 2012.

Let me explain the spiritual choice for many of you reading this blog may be questioning how you can make a choice without being aware of it. Firstly spiritual choices EXIST OUT WITH TIME AND SPACE in a linear context.  The spiritual plane does not have the same "rules" as this dimensional space that is referenced and accepted by many as "earth".  Therefore choices and decisions that are made in the spiritual realm are beyond this dimensional reality. That which locks human physical experience into this dimensional reality is the bindings that are in place to exclude all other dimensional spaces.  In ordinary terms it is akin to spiritual sunglasses.

We can see this in the majority of the new age movement who are hell bent as it were on claiming a spiritual journey that involves various methods of harnessing that which is non TRUTH.  For many within the new age community this is a voyage of self discovery and nothing will deter them from these teachings.  The tunnel vision is maintained through the spiritual bindings which funnel the experience, their entire purpose within this dimensional space is to fuel the teachings and to continue the re-incarnation cycle.  Their purpose is not to move out of said cycle thus they will deny and reject all information that seeks to have them challenge their journey.

For those who are on a biblical journey the spiritual plane is bound so that they work through the various biblical constructs that are in place within this dimensional space. Their incarnation experience will involve major traditional religions as they work through a human life experience that only ever takes them to the Cross. Movement beyond the Cross is prevented due to the spiritual bindings that are in operation that prevent them seeing any other journey to take in this human life experience. So like with the new age community incarnation experience this section of humanity will debate and defend the construct of religion to the exclusion of all else.

Then we have the section of humanity who deny the existence of our Creator full stop. They are also bound at a spiritual plane level with bindings in place to prevent any access to that which would challenge this life experience.

We can see from this picture the divisions that are hidden within humanity. Each section of humanity is experiencing a journey that can be resonated with by those who have similar spiritual bindings, thus they are able to validate their own experience but it is within a tightly bound dimensional space which is designed to give said experience.

For those who watch the Star Trek series and films it is akin to having a hollow deck when you can experience set programs but these programs last an entire human life experience and can be accessed from across the timelines in an attempt to make up a web that seeks to validate itself.  Challenge beyond the web is PREVENTED at a spiritual plane level.  It is akin to a closed system, much like a home heating system, it is self perpetuating and the system only ever works perfectly when the relevant pressure is in existence in order to keep the flow going but it will always be circular which is accepted through the false teachings around the "circle of life", this is the protection that is place to prevent the bleeding through of one section to another.

Now take those who made the choice to move out of the sections of humanity that they were within.  These individuals have to expand beyond each and every section of humanity that they have experienced in this human form within the incarnation cycles.  For many at this time the pull of one section of humanity will be greater than the others because the amount of incarnations into any one theme as it were builds a resistance to anything beyond it.  For these individuals life is making no sense at any level whatsoever and their challenge is to surrender all the knowledge and experience they have had within the closed divisions of the incarnation time cycles.   For these individuals the separation between the incarnation time cycles and their everyday waking life experience is gathering in width.  They will feel very exposed at times, unable to understand why they are now "viewing" those around them but not within them, they can resonate, they can see and they can understand the life experience but they are not able to physically live it, its like watching a film for them and their brain is struggling to understand why.  For these individuals the gap may be widening fully from earlier in this life experience, so life will have followed an invisible route up until late 2012 when everything then began to shift.

Now this is coming up once again for we are at the end of a 7 year cycle which those who are within the incarnation time streams can feel and embrace, for it is movement into another chapter of their human life experience. However for those who made the spiritual decision in 2012 to exit the human incarnation time lines the 7 year cycle is not the ending to begin another, there is no other cycle because the decision was made to exit.  This will see a sort of movement that makes no sense to those around them begin to manifest. They will be moved at all levels of creation in order that they go into the incubation period that is demanded by wider creation in TRUTH. This is the cleansing and clearing that makes certain that no evidence of the incarnation time cycles is present within the human physical form that they had incarnation into at the start of the human life experience within the dimensional space.

It is like intense housekeeping because the frequency bandwidths of the incarnation time cycles are NOT compatible with wider creation in TRUTH.  It is akin to attempting to put gas in a diesel car and expecting it to still run properly.  The fuel that we use within the incarnation time cycles does not work beyond the boundaries of the old earth construct/matrix itself, the fuel has to be replaced and this is what is occurring at this time.

It is to be noted that those who are experiencing a human life experience which identifies how the old earth construct/matrix works are still within the incarnation time cycles as this is part of the cycle before it then resets and begins again.   The pattern for the incarnation cycle experience journeys are ALWAYS the same but since they are linked into a linear time context they are spread apart to remain hidden to those who are within said timelines.  So the birth, life , death , decay cycle is lived across a millenium and as such remains hidden to all who are within it.   The incarnation time cycles are now almost complete in their DECAY phase, this will see the BIRTH phase which sees the cycle begin afresh but this is still not TRUTH for the incarnation time cycles are a DESIGN that the matrix uses repeatedly.

At this time we are asked to honor the spiritual decisions of those around us who chose to remain and to place our focus on the full cleansing and clearing of our human physical vehicle in order to move into wider creation in TRUTH.

This will be physically validated to us through various experiences that are both personal and unique and are through the Grace of our Creator YHWY Himself. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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