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The EDGE of REASON is the start of the PATH of PHASE TWO in TRUTH

There are many within humanity at this time who are using anger as a weapon. Spouting anger and judgement at those around them and in doing so placing their fear at the feet of those whom they fully believe they are beholden to. A child will always turn against the parent who is enforcing the most authority as that is the child's attempt at neutralizing the authority it disagrees with.

At this time the human race are being shown their INNER self and for many this is not something that they can ever look at. The pressure points of the outer waking reality are deliberate. The Old Earth Matrix has long given the pressure points a side step and in doing so presented an illusion that many have bought into. A family unit for example that has been able to "function" will cease to "function" when the illusion that kept it alive is removed. For many it is the illusion of "unity" with their family unit. How can a parent understand a child if said parent and child is distracted to the point of illusion? The answer is of course they cannot.

For many within the movement that is now occurring to move them from PHASE one to PHASE two the need to interact with those around them is now gaining in momentum. Interaction of course is in the context of TRUTH. Those who are in the most fear will go to the most extreme lengths possible to keep contact with those around them to a minimum. This is out of fear for SELF and not fear for anything else. The SELF containment is hidden in plain view.

The out of context fear that is driving many to hoarding to extreme violence and extreme hatred of those who cross their path is that which is within them and which has been hidden thru the Old Earth Matrix illusions. We are now seeing that which has tried to hide itself within humanity being exposed to humanity.

Many will remain in denial and many will attempt to replicate that which they have lived in a vain attempt to keep the Old Earth Matrix alive as long as possible. It matters not what the conspiracy theorists believe, it matters not what humanity as a whole believe, TRUTH JUST IS.

We are in the opening stages of PHASE TWO, the outer waking reality is now more pliable that at any other time in the current history of humanity in general. It will never solidify as it once did because that which kept it from fluidity has been removed. We are seeing the thawing of humanity and in the thawing is the fluidity that allows for vast movement of emotion, like a dam that has been blocked then the dam opened we are about to witness the outpouring of human emotion to levels never witnessed before.

Much like bleeding a wound in order to remove the poison is part of the process of healing said wound, this outpouring of human emotion is required for it has become stagnant and has become poisonous as a result. As the WATER OF LIFE IN TRUTH now cleanses thru humanity we will begin to see the results of the deep cleansing to new levels. Water that has become stagnant becomes a breeding ground for that which cannot be spoken in a human language. This is what now rises to the surface in order to be cleansed.

We are asked to remain in the deep heart space and allow LOVE in TRUTH to flow thru us and as it does CLEANSE US fully in TRUTH.



(c) Karen Doonan

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