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As we navigate the dimensional spaces and the dimensional layers and begin to move beyond the known borders of the Old Earth Matrix we must always keep our focus on the horizon. The horizon of course is not external, the horizon is the map that is deep within our heart space that we have opened as we have reached the lands that are forbidden to enter by humanity. (It is to be noted that the forbidden to enter is due to frequency and it is frequency alone that determines which part or parts of the Old Earth Matrix open or close).

Navigation is thru the use of these internal maps, we cannot use our naked human eyes because the navigation points that humanity use are handed back from within us. This allows us a different vantage point and one that is not recognized immediately. So at this time we will feel a sense of familiarity even tho the outer waking reflection may seem to be same.

We are now moving beyond the Edges of that which our human physical vehicle has navigated before and the challenge becomes the human logical mind which implores us to turn back as there is nothing to see. Many at this time are on edge and are waiting for the permission that only they can grant themselves to take that next step. Be aware that all around you will tell you that there is no next step and that you must simply wait passively for the gates to open and the sheep to enter the field once more.

The construct of religion will begin to flicker at this point in the navigation because it is a construct that seeks to shape that which is within this dimensional space and in doing so it blinds its followers. We are walking in TRUTH, we are walking out of the lie and into that which lies beyond the Old Earth Matrix itself.

At this time we are asked to look into our backpacks, the tools that we have taken along for this journey and to reset them. They have been used to navigate the space between spaces and now require to be reset to TRUTH once more as the distortion that they took into account will now LESSEN from this moment forward.

For further information and support at this time please listen to the TRUTH Codes Bridge Podcast available on all major podcast platforms:



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