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The fine line between "belief" and "unbelief" in TRUTH

The human logical mind is a fickle place, we can totally accept one thing but instantly reject another based solely on that which we have referenced points for.  For some the idea that the human life experience is anything but predictable and "solid" is a fantasy, life is what it is and we are here to just "get on with it".  For others there is a blurring of the lines as they attempt to address that which they know they must and yet are held back by some invisible fear that grips them.  ALL begins and ends in the human logical mind and it is no co incidence that this is where darkness attacks first and foremost.

For many within humanity the idea that darkness even exists is a fantasy and yet we do not have to have had any "strange" or "otherworldly" experience in order to have been touched by darkness.  The thoughts that come to us at unexpected times, the sudden rush of fear when we are faced with a decision are all put down to being human and yet this is NOT part of being human.  Darkness does not require to stand in front of us and present itself in any fashion whatsoever, it just has to apply pressure at the points where we are vulnerable and we are never more vulnerable than when we reach the edge of our perceived comfort zone. It is at this junction that darkness makes its move and it often goes completely unseen.

At this time many within humanity are now accepting that the human life experience is not what they first of all believed and belief is a strange thing, it begins to change as we begin to grow and age within the old earth construct/matrix.  We begin this human life experience full of vim and vigor, we spend our childhoods with dreams of that which we will do when we are old enough to make decisions and yet there comes a point we reach when we wonder what on earth happened to said dreams. The "mid life" crisis that hits humanity is the crossroads where the devil is waiting to claim that which he was sold prior to our incarnation into this physical realm.  Of course the reference point for 'mid life" changes each generation.  For many life is only just beginning later and later and this will continue as the goalposts are moved and life is shortened.

We are forewarned therefore forearmed that this will happen, the outer waking life experience beginning to break down from the very ordered and linear illusion that has kept humanity in chains.  Now the moving of illusion allows for glimpses below said illusion and it is our CHOICE as to whether we blatantly reject something because we have no conditioned reference point for it or we begin to move towards it.

Many talk about wanting to live in TRUTH and yet deny and reject TRUTH when it begins to illuminate for them. TRUTH sits out with the perceived comfort zones of humanity, darkness was very clear in making the reference points so opposing to TRUTH that the first reaction for many is instant rejection.  TRUTH stands still and remains, when all references are dissolved TRUTH stands.   It is a bold statement indeed for a human being to ask to be shown TRUTH because the road that we then walk becomes one where we have to address the restrictions that we have been conditioned to keep tight hold of.

For many the walk towards TRUTH ends when those around them begin to make comments or to show disapproval, TRUTH is a frequency that has to be permitted to unfold. We have CHOICE, and when we are faced with TRUTH or non truth we are opposed when we choose non truth, we are not opposed because we are being chastised or have done anything wrong as such, we are opposed because we then are moving into denial of our own choice.  TRUTH is a choice that is becoming more and more available to humanity but unlike choosing anything else there is only one option.  We cannot say okay show me TRUTH in relation to the world but keep the TRUTH hidden in respect of the closest relationships I have nor can we say show me world TRUTH but keep TRUTH hidden in respect of my job.  TRUTH JUST IS and whilst it may begin in the wider world it begins to walk towards us ever closer until it standing right in front of us. It is at this point that many attempt to place the veils back over it and want to return to that which they have asked to be moved out of.

Our Creator YHWY is a just and loving Father but like all parents He does not bow to the demands of His Children and we are His.  When we are faced with information and given physical experience of the level of illusion that darkness has had us walk within then we do ourselves no favors at all to simply throw our toys out the pram and begin to wail and weep and deny that which we are shown.  TRUTH JUST IS and TRUTH REMAINS.

At this time we are reaching to the very primary levels of creation and we are being shown the darkest of secrets, we are being shown that which has simply set up shop and sold us life in human form.  In order to allow TRUTH to enter us and allow us to be at one with TRUTH we must take down the walls that the old earth construct/matrix helped us build, that of denial.  It is a very uncomfortable place to be standing between the walls of denial built and overseen by the old earth construct/matrix and TRUTH because we cannot remain in this space. We have to choose one or the other and we cannot unseen what we have seen and un-understand that which we have been led to.

We are each here in this our human form for a reason, we are not here to make up the numbers or continue life on the side lines hoping for a fast free ticket to heaven when we have finished playing. These options are not real, they never have been but it is on the point of physical death that we understand this and this is reaped from by darkness. We are prevented from this by the Grace of our Creator YHWY but He does not prevent us from this repeated cycle so that we are somehow out of step with humanity and separated, this is not the point of waking up. We are woken up so that we can get out of the bed that we have been asleep within, stand up, begin to walk and then reach the door that leads out of the bedroom that humanity are chained to.

Many are now standing up but attempting to sit down again, hankering for just another 5 minutes believing that somehow our Creator YHWY will allow us to hit the snooze button and have a lie in. This is not an option because beyond our human life experience, beyond our physical reach is a VAST picture that the entire wider creation in TRUTH is part of and which we will join to.  It is so vast that the human logical mind will almost instantly go into denial but this does not make it not TRUTH, it is simply the fickleness of the human logical mind.

LOVE in TRUTH grows and resides in the heart because the heart is not fickle, the heart endures, the heart understands and knows, the human logical mind is akin to a kid in a sweet shop and chooses according to how it feels at any particular time.  In order to now make the necessary steps to the door of the bedroom we must move fully into our heart space, the mind wants us to go back to sleep because it believes it cannot understand beyond where it is at this time, this is not TRUTH.

The heart knows that opening the bedroom door is the BEGINNING of the human life experience in TRUTH, this is what the human logical mind interprets as the end because it only has the reference points for the bedroom, beyond this it has NO reference points and this is deliberate for we are conditioned to project then step into that which the human logical mind projects, when it cannot project we fall to the belief there is nothing beyond and we must stop walking. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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