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The "ghost" in the machine part 2

For those who are now moving more fully into the expansion process the war that rages internally may have now ignited fully.  Much like driving a car involves at some point "muscle memory" our human physical vehicle must be cleansed of said "muscle memory".   We have incarnated repeatedly into this human physical form and the human vehicle itself has become corrupt through said process.  The human soul and the human physical vehicle are two different frequencies and as such have sought to find a compromise which has seen the human physical vehicle adapt to the needs of the human soul. As the human soul is bound to the dimensional space that humanity accept as "earth" the adaptation has been to said dimensional space.

We are now being moved out of the old earth construct/matrix and into alignment with wider creation in TRUTH. The needs therefore of our SPIRIT in TRUTH are different to that of the human soul that we have released prior to the anchoring of our SPIRIT in TRUTH.  As we are moved into the process of cleansing and clearing which is driven by our SPIRIT in TRUTH which is aligned with wider creation in TRUTH we will find pockets of resistance. This comes from all levels of this dimensional space which seeks to validate itself and in doing so places boundary frequency restrictions upon the human physical vehicle itself.

We will find as we move more fully through this process that those around us begin to comment upon our behavior and our reactions.  This may trigger the residue that is left of the imprint of the human soul and we may attempt to change our behavior back to within the frequency ranges of the old earth construct/matrix but this will be prevented by our SPIRIT in TRUTH which is only aligned with TRUTH. This will see a sort of limbo manifest where we cannot move but we cannot stay where we are and we then have to navigate the reactions of those around us. It is not a pleasant state to be in and it is driven fully by the imprint left by the human soul.

We are asked to move into full surrender to this part of the cleansing and clearing process and to understand through physical experience gifted to us of why the changes are necessary. We are not here to remain chained and bound to a reality that is not TRUTH, nor are we here to remain anchored to those around us who are conditioned heavily to use those around them to navigate this dimensional space. The push/pull that we experience is the placing of anchors within us by those around us and they do so using the emotional debris that we are holding on to at unconscious waking mind levels.

We may at this time be experiencing what appears as as resurgence of "memory" and especially with respect to intensely emotional "memory", this is the sediment coming up for clearing and the more that we can open our heart space and surrender the more quickly this emotional residue is cleansed. View it akin to rinsing out a glass that has sediment at the bottom of it, the faster and wider flow of "water" into the glass rinses out the sediment more quickly. There are those within humanity at this time who seek to attempt to cleanse and clear the sediment without it moving and this is not possible for in order to fully release something that is emotionally charged we must first of all understand the reason for the removal.

At this time the harvesting of humanity is ramping up and darkness will surround the food sources more readily at this time for a variety of reasons that are negated when we allow TRUTH to not only flow into us but around us and then out into the reality that we are faced with and within that which we exist at this time. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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