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The "ghost" in the machine that masquerades as the human soul

We are conditioned very heavily in respect of that which is permitted and "acceptable" and that which is frowned upon.  At this time the agenda that is being pushed is to turn this conditioning into something that appears to be a rebellious choice.  The younger generations have been conditioned to have an "opposing" view from the generation before them and in being conditioned this way are open to massive manipulation.  We are conditioned to look only at the human vehicle that is in front of us and not that which is behind the eyes of said human vehicle.

One of the biggest illusions presented by the old earth construct/matrix is that of "age".  It is exceptionally easy for darkness to manipulate within this conditioning because "age" permits an entry that remains hidden.  At this time those who are incarnate within the human physical vehicle are not all "human souls".  It has been highlighted repeatedly that many of the false flags that are used in the extreme conditioning and many of the incidents that these false flags play out are done without human interaction.  Such is the conditioning around "spirituality" that many within humanity are simply laughed at when they begin to walk on the ground that touches TRUTH.

We are conditioned that it is only in the "dark ages" that humanity "believed" in ghosts, spectres and ghouls and this conditioning is required in order that said entities can now walk very clearly among humanity as the denial of their existence blinds the believer. It does not matter that which we believe, belief has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with TRUTH.  TRUTH is a frequency and it is the very foundation of wider creation. Belief is born of a frequency lower than TRUTH and it is the frequency of belief that blinds many within humanity.

"That is not possible" is the commonly used phrase to describe something a human soul has no reference point for. What is missed in this phrase is that it does not matter whether or not we in this our human physical vehicle have any reference points, it does not effect that which is happening. The manifestation is happening REGARDLESS OF WHETHER WE BELIEVE IT CAN OR NOT.  This of course is out with the understanding of the human logical mind and is denied, it is it the hidden "ghost in the machine" that many simply cannot accept so dismiss. When we are presented with a picture and we CHOOSE to dismiss part of said picture we are no longer working with a whole picture but a FRACTURED one and is this is what is being presented to humanity at this time.

Those who inhabit the human physical vehicle are masters of illusion.  We look at the human physical form and because we are only looking and not feeling or seeing spiritually we simply see a human physical vehicle which we immediately place in the context in which we exist.  This is not TRUTH, those who inhabit human physical vehicles but which are not human souls are not bound to the dimensional rules that human souls are within this dimensional space.  This is hidden in plain view to many.

It is the human soul that is tied to the construct in which our human physical vehicle exists, our human physical vehicle is but the housing for our energy.  Much like a battery is more than a battery, it is the shell in which houses the energy itself. We are placing too much emphasis on the housing and in doing so ignoring that which is taking up residence within said housing.

It is there fore not humanity that struggles and is divided by humanity, it is humanity that is infiltrated and manipulated through its own presence. Tied to a picture that fragments due to the conditioning that something cannot and does not exist.  It is akin to standing in front of a raging torrent disbelieving that water exists.  We will begin to drown if we ASSUME that everything placed before us lives in the same dimensional space with the same dimensional space rules that applies to the human soul.

For those who are running with the external hazard picture that is being set up at this moment please note that nothing external exists in TRUTH. Not all who have taken human physical form are affected by the external in the same ways as external is PERCEPTIVE and relies on CONTEXT. Therefore the external is not solid and permanent, it is flexible and fluid.  The mass panic that is now unfolding in relation to 5G technology is a ploy by those within the housing of  a human physical vehicle to gather as much fear frequency as possible before the old earth construct/matrix begins to fully dissolve.

Nothing external can harm something unless said something has the internal frequency running that aligns with the external.  Until frequencies meet and match NOTHING can manifest but the human logical mind denies this because it works only on the EXTERNAL plane, it is but another ghost in the machine that seeks to run to an alternate agenda that is not readily seen due to the heavy conditioning that is placed upon the human life experience itself.

At this point in the completion of prophecy the playground in which the human race were placed is now stepping up a gear with more fear rides than ever to participate with. The rides offered are more death defying and produce much more adrenaline than previous playgrounds, for the playground has been refined but refining it does not make it TRUTH for the playground is blasphemy and will now be revealed for the carnival that it is in TRUTH.  It is our personal choice of whether we accept the carnival and accept that remaining on its grounds is detrimental to our evolution or we see it and leave.  Many will remain attempting to change the carnival to that which they believe is more appropriate and in doing so choose to align with those who set up said carnival.

There is no sitting on fences for the fences are being removed and are removed because they are not TRUTH. TRUTH JUST IS and all that is not will now begin to rapidly dissolve, out with all belief, denial and emotional reaction of humanity as a whole. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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