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The HAND that guides in TRUTH

WE ARE asked at this time to understand the guidance that is presented to us in our human life experience. Guidance may come to us in a myriad of different ways.

Perhaps we hear the same phrase repeatedly or we hear the same song over the course of the day. Perhaps a symbol is put in our path that we cannot explain. This is a time of VAST unveiling and once we begin to read the signs and symbols we will discover the signposts and understand that WE ARE not lost, that WE ARE indeed found.

Those who came from Wider Creation in TRUTH carry a signature that cannot be masked. The signature identifies them at TRUTH level and this signature is now activating. This sees people, places and experiences begin to spring to life in direct response to this signature.

WE ARE asked to surrender fully to the process and to allow the NEW to birth thru us. WE ARE supported because HEAVEN in TRUTH knows who WE ARE and WHY WE ARE.

In a dimensional space that demands certain frequencies remain we now dissolve them fully for WE ARE UNITED in TRUTH.


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