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The hidden cost of Grief in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are bound to various constructs and strongholds that hold is tightly to the conditioned exterior that we accept is the outer waking reality. As we are now moving more fully into phase two of the full evolution process our SPIRIT in TRUTH is working to release us from the deep bindings that have us blind. It is to be remembered that just because humanity accept a construct and undergo the conditioning it makes neither TRUTH.

At this time the outer waking reality is working to instill a sense of deep loss within humanity by forcing the conditioning to come to the surface. Those who are tightly bound to said conditioning are those who are at this time at the fore front of the self policing that is very active within humanity at this time. It is these human physical vehicles that adhere strictly to all, any and every guideline no matter how contradicting these guidelines may be, because they are simply adhering to the internal blindfolds that have been created thru previous loss and intense conditioning.

They simply have no voice, the mask wearing is stating this very very clearly and yet if we do not view this reflection in the correct context we would be forgiven for seeing simply compliance. The no voice is the reaction to the previous losses occurred within the family lineage of the human physical vehicle. When we experience loss of a loved one we are often left without words. But that which is taken from us is not just our voice it is the emotional release that we simply cannot accept and when we are in denial it will find other avenues in which to walk.

Anger within the construct of grief is a deadly assassin. It will wreak havoc in families, it will destroy careers, it will destroy health, it will destroy everything that crosses its path but humanity will continue to deny its existence. After all how can we "justify" our anger at the person who is no longer with us. Now this may seem a bit of a contradiction when first looked at, after all we see people get angry at the injustice of a life taken too soon and that is where the illusion anchors because the anger is displaced. It is placed at the feet of those around us but at no time is it accepted as a valid emotional reaction personally.

At this time the repressed anger at the loss of jobs, of freedoms, of opportunities to spend time with loved ones is growing and it is fueled by the internal bindings that humanity simply do not see. We are asked at this time to go within and to destroy the bindings that have seen us personally use anger as a fuel for it cannot be taken into Wider Creation in TRUTH because it is not TRUTH. Whilst anger is an emotion it is the way it is then adapted and used to fuel the human life experience that makes it the weapon of choice for the Old Earth Matrix itself.

For further understanding of this and how it works to bind us please listen to the latest Bridge Podcast below:

We are asked at this time to do the inner work in order that we do not get pulled back down under the waves as the flood waters begin to rise.



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