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The hidden "drivers" within humanity in TRUTH

Human language is used to both hide and to protect that which binds humanity to the old earth construct/matrix.  We are often detached from the very words that come out of our mouths and yet that which comes out of our mouths, the phrases that occur can be the illumination that we require in order to see that which remains hidden to our naked human eyes.

Why do humanity repeat the same patterns despite the patterns leading to anywhere but where they promise?  why does family patterning strengthen from generation to generation?  Why do we end up falling into the footsteps of those before us no matter how hard we attempt to walk in the other direction?  There are a myriad of questions that have one answer which remains hidden.  BINDINGS.

A binding will reset the behavior, the outcome and the journey en route. It will see us set out for a destination and then alter and re route the journey so that we end up at a completely different destination, it is what is often referenced as a "groundhog day". How often do we feel the similarity in the days that we live? How often do we feel like we are going round in circles then dismiss this due to the scenery changing?

It is possible to remain blind to a binding for generations.  It is possible to defend a binding and in doing so strengthen it. What we think and what we believe HAS NO EFFECT whatsoever on a binding. So we may fully intend to live a life that is a certain way, we may say and think and believe all the things required to live said life but yet it remains out of reach. It remains out of reach because VIBRATIONALLY it is not in alignment.  It is our frequency that determines that which is manifest in our waking daily lives, not how hard we work, who we know or even what we know or believe. It is purely down to vibration and frequency.

The false teaching in relation to the law of attraction keeps many in further chains. We just have to think positively and use endless amounts of energy to somehow "attract" things that we desire. This is reverse binding and is used by many within humanity. It opens the human vehicle up to a network of hidden ties that remain giving the illusion of movement when in TRUTH there is none. The teachings of the law of attraction WILL WORK for a LIMITED PERIOD OF TIME but their purpose is not to line the human vehicle up with anything other than more ties and in doing so bind the human vehicle more tightly to that which the seeker wishes to step out of. At some point the binding in operation will reset itself and the teaching will simply state that we have not tried hard enough or let our mind wander, always the onus will be on the practitioner somehow failing.

These shortcuts are offered as an incentive to keep hold of the bindings. There are no shortcuts in TRUTH, there is TRUTH and there is deceit which is a web woven within us.  Many wish to change their human life experience but wish to do so as painlessly and as quickly as possible, this in itself is a stronghold.  When we deny pain we strengthen it. Many within humanity are akin to rabbits in headlights, so scared of any and all movement that remaining still and keeping all those around them also still is their attempted method of somehow controlling the outer waking reality. This is exactly what darkness requires of humanity at this time. It is in the spaces in between the non linear spaces that the manipulation takes place.

A bit like cattle who are herded into an abattoir there comes a moment of blind panic that sees the animal struck with so much fear it cannot move.  Humanity are being led to the slaughterhouse at increased speed and are being led in ways that appear to be other than they are. It is not necessarily the human vehicle itself that is being slaughtered, humanity do not need to experience physical death in order to be in death, emotionally they are harvested which leaves behind a sort of zombie. This is hidden by the false teaching which seeks to have us look at the younger generations and their technology useage and in doing so reference zombie as this.

An emotionally dead human being is the walking dead, they are dead inside, they may breathe, walk and talk but there is nothing inside of them. They will fuel their life experience with anything that makes them feel "alive" and yet the "alive" part is fueled by more death so they need more of that which gives them the feeling of being "alive". Thus the reference point for being alive as having a pulse and breathing is false.  It is possible to be dead in a living body.  The false fuel is provided by the old earth construct/matrix itself.  It is presented as a solution and once interacted with will take hold. Thus we have a generation who are glued to social media as the social media gives them the false sense of being" alive". They are emotionally dead therefore the 2 dimensional world that they find themselves within keeps this in place.  The more they interact with this 2 dimensional world the more cut off they become, keeping the emotional death in place and preventing the releasing of that which keeps them tied tightly to it.

At this time we are being given the opportunity to walk out of the undead areas of our human life experience. Christ is now revealing the conditioning and the false solutions that we have interacted with and revealing that which it is in TRUTH. For many within the expansion in TRUTH process this is a sobering time when that which is revealed in TRUTH is exposed we gain understanding and as we do so we begin to thaw out. The human life experience is made up of various constructs woven together to give the illusion of completion.  In TRUTH we have been fractured and broken prior to entering the old earth construct/matrix, like a piece of glass broken on a hard surface there are little pieces missing and all the old earth construct/matrix does is give the illusion that those little pieces can be found within the matrix itself.

As we now begin to heal from the trauma that we have endured being physically birthed into the old earth construct/matrix we will begin to understand the shattering that has occurred to new levels. We will begin to understand the power of the illusion that captivates so much of humanity and in doing so we will begin to move further and further away from it.  As those who call to us from the false playground get further and further away and their calls begin to soften and dull we will begin to view said playground from a different perspective, understanding why it was built and more importantly what it was built to do. It is only from this perspective we begin to understand the need we have to exit it and in doing so the window we open for humanity in general. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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