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The Hidden Hybridization of HUMANITY in TRUTH

As we move further thru the process that sees us enter Phase Two and begin to work at cellular DNA/RNA level frequency we will be shown that which hides under the "skin" of humanity and for many this peeling back of the veil will be something they will simply choose to ignore. The ignoring of course does not invalidate that which is shown, at a human everyday waking physical level it will see the division that exists within humanity widen. Many at this time are struggling with an outer waking reality that appears to be moving and shifting incredibly fast.

Many of you are waking up after a nights sleep and finding that you are feeling that more than a few hours have passed and this is the dissolving of the construct of space/time which holds humanity in its grip until it is dissolved from the DNA/RNA within the human physical vehicle. We are approaching the event horizon when it comes to who we are in TRUTH and this will see a further wave of FEAR being pushed thru the human race.

As we are within this human physical vehicle it is vital that we turn OFF the receptors that align with the Old Earth Matrix itself. If we do not address this then we face the continual waves of fear that are pouring thru the human race and we will begin to waiver. We are not here to walk in any manifestation of the fear frequency, indeed it will highlight itself and attempt to remove itself from our human physical vehicle the more that we align with TRUTH.

It is part of the process of understanding that we are graced with the ability to highlight the fear antagonists within our human life experience. For those who are on the cusp of this work this is where the Old Earth Matrix begins to surrender its agents of fear at your feet by placing them and highlighting them fully in front of you. This is part of the reclamation process that we undergo when we move into Phase Two of the full ascension to evolution process that we are within.

At this time the surrender is ramping up and those around us will flock around us in an attempt to both highlight their role in the Old Earth Matrix and also to attempt to bargain with us. We are not here to strike bargains, we are here to move out of the Old Earth Matrix itself and this is done thru full surrender to Christ within the deep heart space. As we do this work we increase our frequency naturally. It is not a challenge to increase frequency when it is done thru the Phase Two process for we naturally expand as that which has held us in place is dissolved thru the dissolving process.

This phase of the process is extremely volatile and extremely triggering, we are given all the Grace necessary and we will be highly opposed when we attempt to default to very human behaviors learnt within the Old Earth Matrix itself for they are born out of frequency and as the frequency is dissolved the behaviors must be cleansed from the deep muscle memory of the human physical vehicle itself.

We are fully protected thru the Blood of Christ Himself, we do not walk in any construct and we do not bow to the false christ of the Old Earth Matrix indeed part of the process of entry into Phase Two is to remove the shackles of religion itself.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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