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WE ARE now about to view the next ACT in TRUTH and it will be a tremendous finale. The first "ACT" that took us into this extraordinary world play was done to bring some context and to bring some intrigue, it has certainly gripped the "audience" hugely and caused a lot of debate and even arguments as those who have been sitting watching discussed what they were seeing. The LENS thru which you watch this play of course plays a huge part in what is actually SCENE on the stage at any one time.

Now the HEAT IS ON and the audience have moved to the foyer where they are literally getting ice cream in order to try to cool down ready for part 2. The "HEAT WAVE" (for those who are younger than millenials you will remember this fondly as "summer", lasted for approximately 6 weeks and gave way to autumn) turns the heat up to increase the pressure that is on the audience to understand what is happening. For the GREAT PLAY was written in order to present a false reality to humanity in general. Approximately each 2000 years this play has been rolled out and the audience have sat aghast as the play reaches its crescendo.

What is different this time is the play has been rewritten, it was rewritten by Creator who intervened and had some of the actors on the stage pretend to be other than they are in TRUTH in order to hide TRUTH. Part one was playing along with the script, to get close to the important actors in order to understand and highlight their roles to the audience. That done now is the time to take your seats and prepare for part 2.

Darkness thinks that humans are stupid, it thinks that simply putting on a play will have them turn their allegiance to the play wright with the audience in some cases "literally eating out of the hand of the play wright". What darkness has not envisaged was that someone would turn on the lights so that the actors could be seen in DAYLIGHT. This DAYLIGHT reveals what the actor is beneath the human make up. It allows sections of the audience to see thru the costumes and the words and sees what is actually on stage.

As sections of the audience have realised what is happening they have CHANGED THEIR REACTIONS to the play and as the play depends on the audience being in TOTAL FEAR to continue has stalled the play. Now the actors re shuffle, the wording will change and new plots will come in however what darkness did not bank on was the ability of the audience to change the scripts by focusing the LIGHT of TRUTH on the entire stage.

After the interval we go back to the play but it is not the play that all sat down to watch in the linear year of 2020. It is a completely altered play that has a completely unseen ending.



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