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The LIE that is 5D and why it is so popular

When I first began my journey in the New Age community it was a place where there was a variety of opinions, indeed conversations with other teachers/therapists were an everyday occurrence and often people would combine their gifts in order to reach a wider audience because the GOAL at that point was to educate those who's hearts had stirred to open said heart further.

As many of you are aware I took time out of the mainstream society for a number of years and in that time I did not keep up to date with the New Age community except for those who were part of it who were close friends. To look at the "community" now is almost shocking. Far from supportive there is a high level of "looking down the nose" going on where people will often bait others because they are not at the same level of understanding as they have achieved. There is a underlying current of anger that is building within this community with a kind of race that has ensued to "raise frequency" without the understanding that frequency cannot be raised beyond where it is without releasing that which is keeping it dense.

There appears to be a hijacking in the form of the "5D Dream". So where did this dream come from and why are so many people trying to enter the dream? well to start with society is now getting real, by that I mean much of what was discussed in the early days and what was shared widely is starting to happen. There are many events that I have stated would come to pass and they have, the time lapse between stating them and them happening may be years in many cases but this does not invalidate them, the outer is a reflection of the inner and humanity are now being shown what sits behind the veils that have held them blind.

The 5D Dream works on the theory that as we live in a 3D world then the next level of consciousness would be a 5D version, makes sense logically doesn't it? 3D is dense therefore 5D must be light and fluffy. But again what is not accepted is that consciousness starts and is expanded thru the HEART, the head and the human mind has nothing to do with the process INITIALLY, that is the expansion cannot begin in the mind, it must always begin in the heart, with the mind following along behind. The 5D dream is part of the defence mechanism of the Old Earth Matrix itself, it is akin to a firewall, if it can keep a good portion of a section of humanity in the dream state then it can continue its work to keep everyone asleep.

In Wider Creation in TRUTH there are no levels there is only expansion but this is not readily understood from a logical perspective because the human logical brain has no reference points for this. However the heart DOES understand eternity and it is thru the heart that we must always move. For those who are defending the 5D Dream I would ask when they are going to take action to wake from the deep sleep that they have allowed this movement to put them into. Turning on fellow humans is not the way to the heart space, humans are NOT the enemy, the energies that are hosted ARE!

Everything will take a solid form from the spiritual realms, I have stated for years that the spiritual plane will empty and close down and of course those who are trapped in the 5D dreamworld refute this, but they do so because they are DETACHED fully from the heart space and are encased in the Old Earth Matrix dream cycles that seek to have a forever and circular movement. This is akin to going round roundabouts repeatedly, there is a straight road for us to walk and it begins within the heart space.

To call out humanity for somehow not getting something is a lower dimensional response to pain and trauma and yet those who are caught in the 5D dreamworld believe that they are somehow healed. The healing begins when the heart is opened and never before. For those who are now questioning the 5D dreamworld I would encourage you to stir a bit more and go deep within the heart space for the 5D Dream is a COMMA, it is a resting place for those who are too traumatised to continue to interact with the outer waking world and who do not wish to do the work to enter the NEW EARTH which is born thru the heart space. This is akin to soldiers who have gone to war and have been removed from the battlefield, on returning home they find it almost impossible to interact with "regular" life.

The battle is over, it was won when Christ went to the Cross and crossed over into DEATH which could NOT hold Him. It is now time to enter the NEW EARTH and to work with the higher frequency levels of Wider Creation in TRUTH by stepping fully into the heart space and allowing said energies to flow thru us. We are the conduits for Wider Creation in TRUTH, by opening fully to these higher energetic frequencies a new world is born, we then are moved into place and are given the tools required to bring this into a physical form.

The time to WAKE is now for there has never been a time it is not NOW.



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