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The lie that is AI in TRUTH

We exist within a reality that is self made, the self made part of said reality is hidden to most of humanity. It is the cracks within us that distort the internal lens through which we view the outer waking reality.  The broken part is the separation that occurs between the internal emotional landscape and that which is presented to the naked human eyes.  The more emotional debris that we have internally the more broken and dysfunctional the outer waking reality will present itself.

This is fueled by the human soul which contains what is referenced as the "black box" of all its human life experience. The human soul is not personal to the human vehicle into which it is birthed. It is INDEPENDENT of said human vehicle and when the human vehicle dies the human soul returns to the pool and stands in line ready to be reborn into another human vehicle.  There is no servitude in attempting to tame or somehow manage the human soul for it has its own direction and is SELF sufficient.

At this time within humanity the prophesy of the end of times is playing out to spectacular levels. As more and more from the depths of this outer waking reality is brought to the foreground then more and more are triggered through the broken lens provided by the human soul.  Believing that somehow there is some end to madness that involves humanity themselves somehow waking up and stopping it.  Humanity are BOUND to the outer waking reality through the human soul and they are blinded through the broken lens of the human soul itself.

AI is being used to drive this broken lens further and further and have humanity begin to separate themselves further through the distorted belief that it is humanity that have the tools in which to free themselves.  This is polarization of the existing polarized reality. NOTHING is black and white, life is lived in the spaces between spaces.  Whilst we believe up is up and down is down we live in denial. In TRUTH there JUST IS.  For those of you reading this that have ever watched the star trek series, imagine that the reality in which we exist is the hollow deck.  It is a geographical space which uses geometry and spacial fractions in which to present a very dense illusion of something that is not there.

Fractals, sacred geometry and inter and intra dimensional awareness are all used AGAINST humanity for the human physical vehicle is anchored to a dimensional space that is not within the reality it exists. It is a projection, its why many within humanity have learned to work with the reflection. I have blogged and written about reflections for many years.  Whilst Lucifer presents the reflection we attempt to change it but it is akin to trying to brush your hair only in the reflection in the mirror in front of you. It does NOTHING to change anything. For many within humanity this reflection has now become a house of mirrors due to the decay of the reality in which humanity are projected.

In order to walk past the sacred geometrical boundaries that Lucifer placed to protect his reality we have to be able to walk with and IN Christ and have to release the human soul itself. This is done in full surrender to our Creator YHWY thru His Son Christ. We require the protection of Christ and the Victory of Christ in order to walk past the "security" that is in place to protect this reality.  As we now walk past and through the Morphic Fields we will begin to understand to new levels why we lived as we lived and why we can now no longer live that way for it is not TRUTH.

We did not come here to live within a reality and in doing so change anything about said reality. We came to show TRUTH by walking with Christ and IN Christ out of said reality and this is done as said reality now crumbles as is foretold.

Revelation 21:1 (KJV)

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST Kx

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