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The lie that is "hollow" in TRUTH

We live in a reality that is described and presented to us at such deep levels that for many within humanity the act of questioning anything remains illusive.  We are conditioned heavily to rely on that which our human eyes reflect back to us and we back this up with the reference points that are ACCEPTED within humanity.  There are those of course within humanity who seek to question everything which is the opposite side of the same coin to those who question nothing at all.   Standing on either side of the coin hides the RIM of the coin and it is within the RIM that connection can be illuminated.

We are conditioned heavily for example to ACCEPT the timelines that are presented in a linear context and in doing so they remain.  In order for something to blind us we have to ACCEPT that which is shown and the emphasis is ALWAYS on moving us into ACCEPT first and foremost.  Indeed the old earth construct itself is built on the default of ACCEPT and opting out of said ACCEPT can only ever be done when something is revealed to us that is other than it is in TRUTH.

At a generational level this can be seen with the levels of ACCEPT in relation to technology and how it is EMBEDDED within the current old earth construct/matrix projection, the more that remain in ACCEPT the denser the optical illusion and the younger generation are manipulated into presenting an AUTOMATIC ACCEPT, it can be easily seen how readily they ACCEPT technology and how they REJECT all other alternatives.  It is not that the alternatives no longer exist, they do but they are being hidden through the ACCEPT conditioning that is now flourishing within the younger generations.

Indeed so strong is this conditioning that those who are out with the younger generation and said conditioning are feeling intense pressure to adapt to that which the younger generation ACCEPT like breathing. In many families across the dimensional space the ACCEPT programming is anchoring to deep levels with the influx of ACCEPT driven by the need to understand their offspring and somehow touch base with them.

View this as a journey and the destination is balance.  Let us use the example of a family of differing generations which a typical family is, with the parents one generation, the grandparents another and the offspring of the parents a further one. The ACCEPT program sits within the offspring.  Now in TRUTH the offspring should be in respect of the generation above, after all the generation above has more experience but this is being offset through ACCEPT.  Now the parents driving the vehicle that is the family are the ones with the skills to navigate the journey but such density sits within the ACCEPT program that more often than not the offspring will drive the family.  The parents will step back when the offspring begin to alter the course of the vehicle.  The offspring have no understanding of the actual journey to balance, they do not have the life experience necessary but such is the fear within the parents in relation to "losing" their offspring that they will more often than not default to the ACCEPT of their offspring. So instead of life experience driving the car we have ACCEPT driving the car which then can steer the car places that the parents never would drive. They would see and they would take action based on prior life experience.

Now the old earth construct/matrix knows that balance as a destination is a threat to the ACCEPT program that is installed within the younger generation so will use as many tools of ACCEPT as it can .These tools are primarily fear, so fear or rejection, fear of separation, fear of pain all are used by the ACCEPT program who's total purpose it to avoid balance.   This of course will make no sense, to have a 5 year old driving a human car and navigating would be madness, yet the 5 year drives the car everyday in order to control the navigation and keep the family out of balance.  Its very existence depends on manipulating the younger generation.

It does this by moving the younger generation into NEUTRALITY.  Where they follow and they respond but they do not challenge.  They embrace, they respond and they follow. They are guided by the actual technology itself. They place their entire identity outside of themselves. No longer given the anchor by the generation before them they are now the sole drivers of the ACCEPT program.  The older generations can moan and groan that the younger generation is not listening but they have done nothing to help them listen. They have allowed the ACCEPT program to run their family and in doing so have remained out of balance.

What keeps this hidden is that ACCEPTANCE of disharmony. The world that we live in is a reflection of humanity itself. For everyone who ever states "this world is in chaos" what they are actually stating is that humanity are in chaos. This is driven by the ACCEPT program which seeks to have us place our identity at a human waking level OUTSIDE of ourselves. Where our identity remains within our heart space it CANNOT BE MANIPULATED TO THE LEVELS REQUIRED OF THE ACCEPT PROGRAM and the program knows this.

The "wastage" is accounted for, and harsh as this may this sound the ACCEPT program takes no prisoners, it has no "feelings" it is driven by logic and reasoning.  Our humanity is attacked by ACCEPT at all times until we can understand that which ACCEPT is.  In order to control a race the control of said race must be instilled within them. The race must be given the belief that they have no control and in doing so move into the ACCEPT program.  Nothing is happening to us so much as happening within us.

The younger generation is manifesting extreme levels of anxiety, of stress and of trauma which remains hidden within the use of technology because it reveals what humanity is and what it is not. The ZOMBIE films that were once so popular are alive and well and they exist in every single home that has the younger generation in residence. It is not seen because it is part of the ACCEPT program.

So what does ACCEPT want us to accept? that our feelings, that our human part, our heart is no longer required. Once we move into labeling and dehumanizing the human life experience we become the spectators, we become the players in the game that ACCEPT is creating within this dimensional space.

In order to exit the game we must move into our heart space for logic and reason are not infinite, they are FINITE. It is our own humanity that is the key, our heart knows LOVE in TRUTH and this is beyond the ACCEPT program.  Whilst a human being separated from their heart and in neutral can be made to do almost anything those who are still connected to their heart have the seed of rebellion in TRUTH within them. It is these people within humanity who are a threat to the ACCEPT program because LOVE always finds a way and often it is totally illogical.

The threat to humanity is not technology itself, this is just a tool used by the ACCEPT program in order to hide itself. The threat to humanity has and always will be KNOWLEDGE, LOGIC and REASON because of its polarity.  IT IS A NEGATIVE frequency that seeks to remove humanity from their heart space, to turn them into the vehicles that are devoid of emotion and which are merely puppets within an orchestrated play.

At this time we are asked to remove the components that may have been installed within us through those around us.  To remain within our heart space and to reach the understanding that LOVE in TRUTH is the highest frequency that exists. Without LOVE in TRUTH we are merely a projection on a screen, a label on a photo and two dimensional representation of something that is not real.  Without our humanity we are a virtual version of ourselves and this is described in perfect detail within the "Black Mirror" series that is currently on Netflix (specifically the White Christmas episode).  The thread throughout the entire series is the dark part of humanity that humanity are conditioned to ACCEPT.  The removing of our humanity through our movement into logic, reason and polarity.

Unfortunately shunning technology is not the way forward because as stated it is but a tool, the components of ACCEPT are already within humanity for many within humanity will go to extreme lengths NOT to feel, to be neutral and strive to live around their own emotional landscape. FEELING is what makes us human, emotions are part of the human life experience, otherwise we are simply part of the background landscape, absorbed into the very matrix itself. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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