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The Lie that is Knowledge in TRUTH

We are conditioned from the moment we are born into this our human physical form that we need to "know" and we are heavily conditioned to judge those who appear to reject said "knowledge".  In what is termed developed countries the role of "education" is seen as a boundary between different sections of society.  With the heavily conditioned belief that somehow those who are more well off and who can access "knowledge" are somehow more privileged.   This drive towards "knowledge" is deliberate just as intense conditioning to accept that countries and peoples require to be "developed".

This hides the sterilization of the human heart space as many believe that in order to exist the matrix they require to "think" their way out. This is a false teaching that seeks to lock the matrix more intensely.  We cannot view the outer waking reality and the constructs with our human logical mind because they were DESIGNED TO FOOL THE HUMAN LOGICAL MIND.

Human consciousness is not our friend. We may be in human physical form but said human physical form is simply the housing for our SPIRIT which DOES NOT REQUIRE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS TO OPERATE.  This TRUTH sits beyond the human logical mind deliberately.  By trying to expand human consciousness humanity are simply locking themselves into a hall of mirrors that seeks to be other than it is.  Going around in circles believing that we can somehow think differently therefore we are different is the biggest lie that exists but it sounds plausible and many within humanity are actively holding this in place believing that they are somehow evolving.

It is our SPIRIT that is within our human physical vehicle that drives change, that drives expansion because our spirit is the bridge between this human reality and wider creation. The human logical mind came with the human physical vehicle and is not part of wider creation. It is simply a reference library.  What good does sitting in a library whilst ignoring the needs of our spirit achieve? It simply sets up a dialogue that prevents the human physical vehicle from adapting to the needs of the SPIRIT.

Our Spirit is connected to source not our human logical mind.  Human consciousness is the firewall that KEEPS HUMANITY ENSLAVED.  It is the firewall that darkness placed around humanity to keep them distracted. It works to sabotage the SPIRIT and as our SPIRIT is the part of us that sits beyond linear time and this false reality it will be at odds with human consciousness at all times because human consciousness is not TRUTH.  It is human consciousness that keeps humanity from accepting wider creation and is human consciousness that keeps us locked into a reality that seeks to prevent us accessing that which we are in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to remain still and to allow our SPIRIT to reveal TRUTH. Non action is ACTION and the human logical mind will deny this continually.  As movement is now made at spiritual level this will begin to manifest on the physical plane in which our human physical vehicle resides.   We do not break out of the shell from hammering ourselves internally, we simply surrender to the will of our SPIRIT and in doing so DISSOLVE FULLY THE VIBRATIONAL BOUNDARIES SET WITHIN THE HUMAN PHYSICAL FORM ITSELF. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER THE QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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