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The lie that is reality in TRUTH

We are conditioned to only believe that which our human logical eyes can interpret.  Just as someone who is color blind cannot see that which someone who does not have this condition can see. we each in this our human form do not interpret the outer waking reality in the same way.

Our perception is that which our human logical mind allows us to perceive.  I have long written about the human body in the context of a human vehicle and just like an actual vehicle there is a blind spot.  It is in this blind spot that darkness resides pulling the strings that show us that which is not TRUTH.  Two people staring at the same tree do not see the same tree, all is perception and we create perception from the reference points that our human logical mind stores.  This is a process that is unconscious and done within a moment.

Let me use an example to explain a reference point,  we may as children been told not to touch the stove because it is on and we will burn our fingers.  Many small children who are at the exploratory stage will ignore the warning because up until the moment they burn themselves they HAVE NO REFERENCE POINT for it.  So until we have had the experience of burning ourselves we do not understand what it means.  Understanding the words that another human being says is not understanding, in order to reach understanding we have to have had the physical experience of that which is being talked about.

This TRUTH lies hidden at the core of the human life experience and sits deep within our human logical mind.  That which is created from these reference points is the outer waking reality itself. Our human logical mind builds a picture from these reference points and then externalizes it.  We can see from this how human trauma is hidden in plain sight. Someone who has been for example attacked in the street will have a reference point for sudden violent action that another does not have.  Walking down an unlit street will produce a reality for them that is entirely different from someone who has never gone through the experience.  This false reference point (it is false because it was a personal experience and is connected to nothing until the human logical mind absorbs it into the human life picture) is then manipulated by darkness and we may find that the person then begins to have panic attacks which to someone viewing make no sense at all.

This is how humanity create their reality and the lie that sits within human consciousness is that said reality is fixed and immovable. It is not, it changes as we change, as our internal reference points change and alter then that which our human eyes "see" begins to change and alter.

At this time the reaping of the emotional debris (from which all manipulation stems ) is in full swing. The emotional fall out from the festive season now begins to build as more reference points are added to the reality internally and for many within humanity at this time it is a time of intense sadness. The "perfection" picture that many will have tried to attain dissolves as soon as it is walked towards for it is but a mirage. In this our human form we are not perfect for we are human and are flawed, it is the flaws that make us human and yet these flaws are focused upon to the extent that many simply cannot even look in the mirror without seeing a very distorted reflection staring back at them. We do not see our reflection as that which others see, we PERCEIVE based on our emotional state at that moment.

At least two younger generations have been pulled into the false reality of perfection and the explosion of "selfies" that seek to further distort and confuse are deliberate.  Within the distorted house of mirrors is at least one lost generation which is manifesting as serious mental health disorders.  This can only be addressed spiritually with a strong connection to Christ who can and will then begin to dissolve the false prison that humanity are locked within. All change must be internal and begin on the spiritual level in order that the human vehicle is cleansed and cleared. That which will attempt to prevent this is darkness for it has a purpose, to keep rebellion and separation uppermost within humanity, this is Lucifer's rebellion which is through and within humanity.

As we step further now towards the completion of prophecy the distorted outer reality for many within humanity will now begin to fracture and the resulting manifestation will be an increase in mental health problems as the outer no longer matches the inner. The human logical mind is conditioned to solve puzzles, there is no puzzle in TRUTH and the more that the human logical mind is permitted to take control of the human life experience the more distracted and fractured the human life experience will become.

At this time we are asked to sit with Christ, to open our hearts and to allow the internal cleansing and clearing that is required in order to walk in a world that is no more solid that a cloud in the sky.  Understanding that we are not alone, that we are no longer trapped in the false creation of Lucifer for we have a way out. It is often referenced as the narrow road for it is a sliver of TRUTH that allows for the walking and it is crack of light that first appears, much like a cracking open what looks at first glance to be a closed window.

The children of our Creator YHWY are asked to look closely, to understand that in order to be led out of darkness they first have to understand that which it is.  Much like walking for the first time, we have to understand the connection that our human vehicle has to the movement that our human logical mind interprets. As we grow in our understanding then the LIGHT becomes stronger for we step out of the shadows understanding that beyond the shadow is more light and beyond that is more and so on.

Darkness can only ever persuade us it is light, it cannot be light for TRUTH JUST IS.


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