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THE LIE that says I AM

There are may and varied teachings that are now coming to the surface to be released. One of the densest and most held on to teachings is that of "I AM". it is the seat of the human soul and is an anchor that many at this time are simply strengthening. There can be no expansion into the evolution process holding tightly on to the "I AM". It is directly connected to the ego and will work against the process itself.

It will go to extreme lengths to convince that without the "I AM" nothing can exist and this of course has a slight ring of TRUTH around it. It is the percentage of non TRUTH that it contains that reveals it as the LIE that is it in TRUTH. That which cannot exist without the "I AM" is duality.

Many will defend the "I AM" thru the construct of religion that repeats like a mantra (a deliberate embedding of a frequency) that Christ stated "I AM". What of course is not understood nor accepted is that it was the "I AM" that Christ took to the Cross and crucified. The construct of religion is the vehicle thru which humanity are conditioned to sacrifice themselves repeatedly, it is blasphemy and is not TRUTH and yet many will stand in defense of their own sacrifice whilst bleeding to death.

This dimensional space referenced as "earth" is akin to an abattoir and humanity have been kept enslaved and tortured thru sacrificial rituals and the false reincarnation cycles that have seen mass destruction to incredible levels.

In order to move into Phase Two of the ascension to full evolution process we require to move into WE ARE. This is the process of dissolving all, any and every aspect of duality. This is denied by the human logical mind which only works from duality because it has been conditioned to. We do not therefore move thru Phase Two of the full ascension to evolution process using the human logical mind. It will begin to fracture. This can already be seen within the general population as those in lower dimensional frequencies try to make sense of a landscape that is NON LOGICAL and defies the boundary references given to them by the Old Earth Matrix itself.

WE ARE is a frequency that sits beyond the human logical mind and is recognized fully thru the deep heart space. As we now move in frequency and begin to elevate in our understanding WE ARE becomes illuminated. The path beneath our feet begins to become very clear indeed.

For further support in the movement into Phase Two and beyond please visit the main TRUTH Codes website and for those able to release the deep teachings The ORION Portal information site.

Additional support is available via the latest podcast available on all podcast platforms.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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