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The Missing Parts of the Illusion in TRUTH

We are never more at risk from manipulation than when we are presented with a picture that is missing CONTEXT. At this time the human race are in a feeding frenzy, the need to find safety and to pin it down is becoming ever more pressing for a race that has been controlled, suppressed and fed from. Keeping humanity distracted is the main tool of the Old Earth Matrix. It presents illusion after illusion by removing the CONTEXT in which the picture is understood.

Without CONTEXT we are prone to assume and when we assume we are open to all, any and every manipulation. It is in our DNA/RNA the need to conform, to find a "tribe" and to align fully with it. It is seen as a level of protection and it is anything but. This "herding" of humanity is now in full swing and it is being presented on the physical plane in order that we can see it and then remove it from within our DNA/RNA.

It is not possible to move to a higher frequency bandwidth whilst aligning with any of the Old Earth Matrix frequency bandwidths and one of the BIGGEST FALSEHOODS of the Old Earth Matrix is that if we make a movement beyond our current field that we will find ourselves alone. This is not TRUTH and is not supported by Wider Creation in TRUTH.

We meet in the field beyond each time we move into our deep heart space, when we connect with SOURCE thru Christ and we connect with our family in TRUTH we do so in the field that is beyond the one that the human physical vehicle defaults to. It is why the dream time landscape is so easy to walk thru when we are not fully conscious. The conscious part of the human logical mind is like an iron gate and we have to work to release all the teachings that protect it.

We then move from the unconscious thru to taking the information thru to the conscious waking plane without the need for going into the unconscious firstly. This is part of the evolution process that is now underway and many are attempting to default to and use only the phase one tool which is the movement into meditation. When we meditate we take our consciousness from the physical plane, we require to keep our consciousness ON the physical plane because this is the plane that everything empties out onto.

If we remain trying to use the old tools we will be hijacked and blindsided because all that used to patrol and hide on the other planes of existence now walk only in the physical plane. We must now move into this next phase of evolution which sees us work with all planes of existence when we are fully conscious and awake.

For more information on how this can be done please visit the main TRUTH Codes website. For help and support removing the blocks that prevent this in the human physical vehicle please visit the support pages of the main Releasing Eden wesbite.

We are being called to expand, are you ready?



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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