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The NINE gates of hell and the illusion of one reality

In this our human physical form we are blinded by our own vision.  Depending on how we are brought up, that is within which culture, which country, which family belief system and which social bandwidth we are lured into the illusion that all of humanity share one reality.  For many within humanity this illusion is now crumbling, many within humanity can now accept that the reality that is presented is other than it is but there are anchors within each social bandwidth, each country and within each HUMAN family bloodline that seek to have all  remain in the illusion and will defend this illusion until the death.

The outer waking reality begins to shift and to shimmer when we approach the anchor point and it begins to enforce the frequency that is running.  This can be seen when we travel from one place within this dimensional space to another. Perhaps we go on some travels or we move from one "area" to another.  The first thing that we will notice is the frequency that is running and which then attempts to ASSIMILATE our frequency to that which is running in said "area".

We talk about the wheel of time and we talk about "access points" but we will walk past an "access point" if we are blinded by those who protect it.   It is not TRUTH to assume that darkness has some separate army that attacks humanity and that we simply have to remain out of the clutches of said army.  Darkness manifests THRU the human form, we all manifest thru the human form.  Humans have a soul that manifests thru the physical form.  It is the physical form that exists in a different dimensional space from that which it interacts with.

To place emphasis on the human physical form OR place it upon the spiritual blinds us to that which sits between the two.   We are separated by various frequencies that are in effect separate worlds.  Those who have fallen to the belief that somehow the "new earth" is the separation of this world from the old world are only reaching half the picture.  The "new earth" is a dimensional space that is guarded by the other worlds.  When we pass from this human physical form we leave our physical form behind in this dimensional space because it is too dense in frequency to pass to the next one. We do not go to 'heaven" as we are conditioned to believe, there are various gates that we can exit thru and all lead to the worlds that surround this one dimensionally.

Many within humanity believe that "hell" is a place but are unable to see that this is the place that they talk about.  It is accessed thru that which seeps thru into the human physical life experience that we go thru within the human physical vehicle itself.  Thus the gateways that humanity are often presented with are indeed gateways but often they lead to another version of that which is being currently lived.  The human logical mind will defend the "one reality" to the hilt and is not our friend during this expansion in TRUTH process.

It is during our waking up process that the guardians to the nine gates are activated and then seek to keep the woken in a daydream. We do not just wake up one day and viola the world makes sense and somehow we are superior to the rest of humanity. This is a very strong stronghold that many are trapped within. Viewing their fellow humans as some sort of herd of sheep and mocking them. ALL are within illusion until the veils are removed and we can become stuck going thru a gate just as we can become stuck within a layer of frequency as we wake up.

There are many within the new age religion for example who have merely reached a threshold but are so comfortable with the threshold that they never look again to see the gate that is in view. They believe that somehow the rest of humanity are dragging their feet and are "waiting" for them to wake up. It is the "waiting" that is the stronghold, the more that darkness can have humanity lining up to exit BUT NEVER ACTUALLY EXIT the greater the illusion presented.  Darkness then does not require to try to so hard to persuade those who are waking up to wait,  there are many "enlightened" ones who do the work for them.

Thus we are now being shown the nine gates of hell at this time during the expansion in TRUTH process and our journey now is to exit THRU ONE OF THEM. We are placed by our Creator YHWY at the gate that is the most compatible for us to walk thru.  Our frequency is being upgraded and our DNA/RNA is being scrubbed as we navigate the gateway. For many within the expansion in TRUTH process the challenge is to walk past those who are in "waiting".  There seems to be a belief that has sprung up in relation to linear time despite linear time being accepted as an illusion. We will find those who have "woken up" some linear time ago actively presenting a no further walking picture and actively trying to entice those who now have to walk past them to slow down and stay awhile.

We will be opposed strongly by our Creator YHWY if we attempt this.  There is no waiting in TRUTH, there are simply levels of frequency and each level clears a veil but it is not just a matter of heightening frequency, it has to be dissolved and TRUTH anchored.  Many are attempting to raise frequency and spending inordinate amounts of energy trying to maintain the frequency.  IT IS A NATURAL PROCESS, if you are trying to keep hold of a frequency then something is not right.

If you interact with the outer waking world and the rest of humanity and your frequency alters as a result and waivers then you are not in a stable frequency and are holding something that remains hidden.  HUMANITY CANNOT AFFECT THE FREQUENCY OF TRUTH, it is the other way around.  Thus we can walk unhindered thru humanity and the various dimensional spaces when we are clear of that which seeks to alter it. NOT BEFORE.

This is not the spiritual Olympics, there are no gold stars for enduring the most trauma, the most symptoms or having the most crystals... this is a particular stronghold keeping many within humanity trapped.  It is FREQUENCY that manifests as outer waking reality.  Sitting alone atop a mountain in the view that somehow this is a soul lesson is missing the entire point, we are in human physical form, we are created to be social and to interact with other human physical beings.  This distorted stronghold will only collapse when that which is held within the soul is destroyed allowing freedom of movement to the physical human form.

Likewise those who are still using crystals as crutches.  In the beginning of the waking up process there was a safety net that was gifted to humanity in the form of crystalline beings. They agreed that in order to help humanity begin to stir that they would make themselves available to humanity and acted as sort of boosters to the frequency already within the human physical form.  This was a TEMPORARY measure to kick start the waking up process. However many are still holding the crystalline beings to ransom and are actively using them against their own creation purpose.  Just like learning to ride a bike sees us begin with stabilizers, when we achieve the balance necessary we then remove the stabilizers and achieve balance.  Often the stabilizers are taken off before we think we are ready but it is only at the point of balancing that we can achieve balance.

Crystals, paraphernalia such as cards, clothing, rote and ritual ARE NOT REQUIRED ANY LONGER. They are the dressing up box that many are simply refusing to stop playing with. They might support a little in the beginning but will work to prevent ACTIVE BALANCE if not seen in the correct context. The power of our SPIRIT is within our heart space, the rest is window dressing.  The crystalline beings are about to deactivate themselves and will go dormant. When this happens it will see yet another veil ripped from humanity. There are many who are simply magicians and use slight of hand in order to confuse and to disperse.

It is our heart space and our connection to SOURCE, to our Creator YHWY that reveals who we are in TRUTH. It is possible to look like an Olympic champion runner by simply dressing as one.  TRUTH is in the running, the ability to maintain the race and to be the actual athlete.

At this time within the expansion in TRUTH process the gatekeeper will be revealed.  It is then that we are given the dimensional protection to walk actively and quietly passed the gatekeeper to the world beyond. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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