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The OCEAN of TRUTH in TRUTH, navigation thru the Skull Matrices

"What is an ocean but a multitude of drops" - so said one of the characters in CLOUD ATLAS. WE ARE such an ocean and it is often challenging to see let alone understand this as we are looking out from this human physical vessel. This race are taught division and separation, from "work life", "social life" etc to the minute details that seek to be put in some logical order, all is separation and division. In TRUTH ALL ARE CONNECTED.

Such is the frequency distruption in this dimensional space referenced as EARTH that those who sought to keep control of this race have done their uttmost to break the laws of Creation in TRUTH in order to maintain said separation. Therefore the 144,000 and the ten plus two have been put thru a process that seeks to remove the non TRUTH layers and restore them to full UNITY in TRUTH.

WE ARE now asked to understand that WE ARE and in understanding comes STRENGTH as this OCEAN of TRUTH now begins to bond together at the deepest levels. This will see connections re established, other connections non TRUTH will be dissolved and CO HESION will be established.

For further insight into this process the latest TRUTH Codes Skulls and the OCEAN of TRUTH podcast is now available thru the GOLD CHANNEL on the main Whispering Universe website. For those who work with the skull matrices and those who are recalled the indepth SKULL Meditation is a good starting point and this is also available thru the TRUTH Codes Steps to Heaven meditation channel

Be sure to drop in for the Q & A Session on the 11th November 7pm (gmt) which is free on the TRUTH Codes Channel on TELEGRAM, please join our FAMILY of LIGHT group where this session will be held.



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