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The path that is narrow is found thru the HEART

As we walk this dimensional space we can become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that is available within it. Often this leads to burn out and a racing mind which then can lead to other issues. How do we still our mind in order to hear that which is whispered to us over and over? For many the act of meditation is the way, for others it is a walk in the park or a walk in nature which is another type of meditation.

It is vital that we stop and hear what the Universe whispers because it is expansion at all moments of all moments. The evolution process that we came here to kick start begins deep inside our heart space, as we begin to dissolve the lower dimensional frequencies that are interrupting the whispers the message gets clearer and louder.

To aid in the process of understanding the message and who is sending it we need only be still. It is in the stillness that the answers come and the answers are never found in the human mind first and foremost. They come from deep within the heart space. LOVE in TRUTH is the only frequency that transcends time and space and dimensions. Miracles are birthed from this frequency and all we require to do is open our heart a fraction to let the LIGHT within it shine.

At this time the message is coming louder, to those who incarnated into this race in order to anchor the frequencies that kick start the evolution process the Archangels are now singing louder for we are asked to remain still and to allow understanding to birth thru us.

The latest Truth Codes - Spread your Wings podcast is now available on all podcast platforms. This free podcast explains in more depth what is asked of us and how we can now work to step back on to the narrow path. So called because when walking it we are asked to remain in the center of said path. It is not easy because there are many things at the side of the path that seek to take our attention and have us wander back into the distractions that we stepped out of when we found the path.

The path exists within us all. What fires your heart? what brings you joy? that is the starting point of finding this path. Often we will try to sacrifice that which brings us joy believing that we are being selfish in indulging ourselves and yet we are cheating ourselves if we do not entertain that which brings us joy. Joy is not something to be avoided it is to be celebrated. It LIGHTENS our frequency, it begins to birth more joy in those around us who feel the shift in our frequencies which then allows them to shift their frequency. As we are all connected all affects all.

How often do you pick up on the mood of someone around you and then find yourself aligning with it? its a two way street, always the HIGH, LIGHTER frequency wins, so opening your heart and allowing yourself to dance is KEY to changing everything.

The Archangels support us fully when we begin to dance and they add support to our frequency for as we dance we allow the cobwebs to fall away and rediscover parts of ourselves that we thought we had lost. This is how we come back into balance and wholeness.



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