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The POST OFFICE that is universal dispatch, why manifestation is not what it seems

There are a myriad of teachings that seek to promote that we need simply align ourselves with the universe and viola we can have whatever we wish. A bit like perusing a universal catalogue where you just order thru your mind. This teaching is a very dangerous one for a number of reasons. It keeps people locked into a day dream, the manifestation that is so sought after is not possible, it is simply the dimensional space referenced as earth providing an "add on". Life flows and it does so like water, it finds its balance, it moves continuously in all directions at once.

The problem with "manifesting your desire" is that what you "desire" is part of a locked in energy system that was provided with the human physical vehicle upon entering it. The actual frequency that the human vehicle is ALREADY RESONATING at is pushing the desire for the manifested whatever. This keeps the cycle locked into the human vehicle. We are here to dissolve all that is non TRUTH, not to upgrade the vehicle that we were born into. At the base of any car are the specifications that simply cannot be altered. So we can have a flash looking car that looks the business but under the hood as it were is that which cannot be altered.

The illusion that is the dimensional space referenced as earth is a shiny object. It glitters with lots of possibilities but all that glitters is simply not gold. There are no short cuts to the exit point, there are no magic ways of bypassing what is all around us unless we change that which is WITHIN US. If we continue to look externally we are simply viewing the scenery on the path that the vehicle is taking, we may then begin to change lanes to get different scenery but we are taking the same route, it is the illusion that has altered.

The POST OFFICE is the sorting office that all are hooked into with a soul contract. The post office SORTS the manifestations and if some are not applicable to the frequency that is active within the human physical vehicle then the manifestation is never delivered. It is kept in the undeliverable pile. Some get manifestations that are simply "junk mail", these are sent out randomly by the dimensional space referenced as earth and if interacted with cause a sort of ripple that takes the vehicle back round in circles. Again all that glitters is not gold. Next time you ask if it is too good to be true it could well be that you have simply received "junk mail" from the POST OFFICE.

At this time the POST OFFICE is undergoing an upgrade ready for the next level of frequency that is to be released from this dimensional space. This will see a barrage of "junk mail" be delivered to all of humanity, promising the earth as it were in return for obedience, for silence and for keeping in line.

WE ARE asked to note who receives and who simply tears it up and puts it in the trash.



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