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The "Price" of Freedom and the ROAD less travelled

At this time the biblical connotations of the human everyday life experience are becoming more and more revealed. It is human logic and reason that seeks to place a time scale on the biblical events of that "time" and those who were instrumental in the release of the freedoms of the peoples. We look out onto the world around us and we see automobiles and buildings and this gives the impression that somehow biblical events were in a "past" time frame. This hides the perpetual flow of frequency and manifestations of time frames.

We may not be riding on donkeys and wearing some nifty linen (hollywood does love its stereotypes)but that does not mean we are free at the core of being. Where we physically live in the dimensional space referenced as "earth" is not where we have always lived and the renaming and shifting of countries and boundaries and of tectonic plates even has masked this even more.

At this time we are faced with an assault on our freedoms that starts in the spiritual and manifests in the physical plane of existence. The Archangels at this time are now releasing those who have been incarnated into the blood lines of the major players within the Word of YHWY. ALL is connected and ALL lineage leads back to a ROOT point. It is this ROOT point that is hidden and protected continually by darkness which seeks to present a very narrow view of what occurred in the ages that have preceded our physical life at this time.

ALL timelines bleed into each other, many can accept "past lives" still not accepting that a "past life" does not exist, a parallel life may well be the more appropriate phrase but human language is deliberately confusing, again defended and pushed by darkness. Words change meaning, context and some are misplaced and reused in multiple layers.

At this time the Archangels are highlighting the deep trauma that has endured from a time where many simply believe that which is written and presented by the construct of religion. There are for example many "versions" of the bible but only ONE WORD of YHWY. It is the very subtle differences and interpretations that seek to hide TRUTH.

Archangels are here to lift the veils, to rebuild the bridges and to help those who require to leave the spiritual prisons that are still in effect. We are asked to look again at that which is being presented and repeated to us in order that we can lift the veil and with the aid of the Archangels heal the trauma, the separation and division that darkness thrives upon. The cracks that are appearing in the human life experience globally have always been there, it is only when LIGHT is shone upon the cracks that they can be seen.

We are asked to look INTO the LIGHT of TRUTH in order that we can see the cracks thru which darkness can enter and then close them. That is UNITY and that is what the Archangels are here to birth thru and beyond for expansion cannot happen when there is division, it would simply widen. Strength comes from deep within the heart space where our POINT OF ORIGIN resides. It is from this place that the LIGHT of TRUTH begins and then radiates and illuminates.



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