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We are now approaching the end of prophesy which is also the unfolding of TRUTH. For many within humanity the "end of days" is a scenario that has been burned into their human logical mind thru the construct of mainstream religion. Indeed such is the power of the illusion around the book of Revelation that many can simply look out onto the outer waking life experience and tick off the symbols that are now being revealed. That which has been hidden to humanity since they were created is the "end", that which it is and that which it hides.

For many who are now within the deep awakening that is now stirring within the ascension to full evolution process the last linear few weeks have been intense. The more veils that have been removed the greater the denial may have been , but as TRUTH remains and stands (please see Podcast 14 of the TRUTH Codes Bridge series) this denial will begin to break down.

We are but vessels for frequency in this our human physical form and we then experience said frequency as the human life experience in TRUTH. This has been the mindscape for humanity since they were given "autonomy" from those who first of all sought to contain them then released them knowing that the autonomy was an illusion and that "control" remained within the deep conditioning that had been placed at DNA/RNA level within the physical human form itself.

Now we are reaching the ZERO point, the point in human evolution where all that has sought to keep humanity in chains is being dissolved internally. When this internal frequency is dissolved then the LAST VEIL is removed. This LAST VEIL is the ZERO point that the OLD EARTH MATRIX seeks to hide from humanity itself. It is the knowing that we are born to be more than we can ever be within a matrix that seeks to harvest and to destroy.

For those who are now aligning fully with the ZERO POINT which is the point where the OLD EARTH MATRIX and BACE CAMP meet this will be a very illuminating clearing process. Those who are sealed, the 144,000 spoken of in the Book of Revelations now take their place as PROTECTORS of those within humanity who are about to not only move beyond the OLD EARTH MATRIX but to enter and go beyond BACE CAMP.

NO frequency can match LOVE in TRUTH which is why it was denied to a race that has been kept in a false dimensional space and continually reaped from. NOW is the time and NOW we wake.



(c) Karen Doonan

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