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That which is hidden to humanity lives within the consciousness that enslaves humanity.  We are born into two very distinct human forms, granted these forms are now under full attack by those who reject their identity in TRUTH and who have sought remediation through genetic manipulation.   It is not TRUTH to deny the physical human form that we have been born into and this will now be revealed in TRUTH by those who chose to manipulate rather than heal that which is within.

The human female has been a predator since she was created and this is hidden to the vast majority of humanity who have fallen to the very deep conditioning that somehow the human female has been the prey.  Nothing is further from TRUTH, both the human female and the human male have very distinct and very separate gifts to give one another and the human female has tried to destroy the human male through the STEALING of said gifts.  It is the human female who plays the wounded warrior waiting for the moment of softness from the human male when she then takes that which is NOT HERS IN TRUTH.

This rebellion will be denied by many within humanity for some time but TRUTH JUST IS and the rebellion that the human female has been participant within will now be revealed through the removal of the veils as per prophecy.   We are now moving into the phase of evolution that sees the CHILD within be removed fully for in order to achieve growth in TRUTH we must now grow and leave behind the infancy that we have been kept contained within.  Responsibility for choices will now be returned to the feet of those who have sought to place said responsibility at the feet of others. This will see an out pouring of anger which has already begun.  The attack that has been subtle and manipulative will now be revealed in TRUTH for the danger that it is to BOTH human forms.  For in turning the human female into a weapon the self destruct button was pressed and humanity have been moving further towards it moment to moment.

The removal of the CHILD will see the dis robing of the false queen and the abdication of the false authority that has sought to rule humanity through the rebellion it seeded within said humanity. Humanity are NOT FOR SALE and this will be shown in TRUTH over the coming linear few weeks as events and revelations float to the surface.

For the human female this is a time of vast healing that is offered, the opportunity to join wider creation in TRUTH, and to accept that balance is something that is natural, not something that is enforced or even created, it already EXISTS, it is the very dense and pervasive conditioning that has sought to keep the human female from understanding the context of her very existence.

For the human male it is a re-balance and a time to understand that which has sought to divide and to conquer humanity. It is a stepping up to the plate and an abdication of the false surrender that he has had to endure in order to even exist in this his human male form.

For those who are now moving into the next phase this will see a vast healing begin and one that shows and reveals TRUTH in relation to the human male and the human female., who now have the opportunity to lay down the weapons that they have used. The human female will now be given the opportunity to lay down all weapons and as she does this the human male will be unchained from that which has sought to destroy him in order that full rebellion could be anchored within humanity.

It is time to RISE in TRUTH and to accept that LOVE in TRUTH seeks no prisoners for there is no more war, it has already been won and we are now simply enforcing said victory on this the human physical plane where humanity exist and live and are now given the opportunity to do so in FREEDOM in TRUTH. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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