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The road to hell is paved with belief

There are many and various ways that humanity are called to take sides and of course the main way that they are called is thru the various belief systems that seek to exert control over the human logical mind. The more that a belief system can play to the fears and to the experience of the human life  itself the more readily it will be adopted and PROTECTED by said human logical mind.

We all experience this human life experience in unique ways but the uniqueness is often hidden thru the referencing by the human logical mind thru the filter of "assumption". Where we hear for example of someone having a "similar" experience to us the human logical mind grabs on to it and filters it thru assumption in order to assimilate it into the belief system that is then further referenced. This sees huge sections of humanity trapped within a frequency that seeks to validate itself as one that requires to be held on to continuously.

How do we know that a belief system is seeking to defend itself?  we will find logic and reason and the need to hold on to something because if it is let go then something bad will happen.  So for example take the construct of religion and its need to hold followers to the judgement of humanity.  Many will protect this belief under the banner of "if there was no judgement the world would fall to destruction".  The belief being that somehow (by those who are held in this belief) that as they are the chosen judgement panel for God that they are all that stands between humanity and chaos. Nothing is further from TRUTH, it is precisely because the belief is being defended that that which is stands against is able to MANIFEST.  We are not here to judge or be judged, we are here to experience a human life experience. By living from our heart space and allowing the heart to lead us we will NATURALLY move away from that which is wrong and hurtful and remain in balance.

We do not require logic and reason to hold us to ransom in this. It may make no logical sense whatsoever to do what LOVE in TRUTH would have us do but love does not need a reason, we need no reason whatsoever to LOVE for LOVE in TRUTH is TRUTH.  This is hidden thru the belief systems that exist that put a finite hedge around love.  Where we find there are rules (hidden or more obvious) around loving then we are walking in the shadows with a torch that is pretending to be the sun.

We will find this in all aspects of the human life experience, all sections of humanity.  The most human phrase that is used is "it is because I love that I will do X".  X is usually something extremely hurtful but is seen as justified by the human logical mind because it is using a belief system to challenge the heart.  Thus we live in a world where parents are turned on their children, children are turned on their parents and people in general are turned on each other.  All are searching for love but love within the old earth construct/matrix is seen as a currency of rebellion.  It is the currency of wider Creation in TRUTH and because LOVE is TRUTH then it is highly regulated.  Lucifer regulates it because it is the primary enemy of his construct.

LOVE has no boundaries, has no time limit, has no gender limit, has no world limit, it is limitless, however humanity are conditioned to ration it because within the old earth construct/matrix it is a seen as a foreign currency and not widely used. Just as with TRUTH, LOVE in TRUTH has no variations. LOVE JUST IS. It needs no reason, no defense and JUST IS.  It is humanity itself that has sought to define it, to conquer it, to banish it and to weaponize it.  If we experience love and it hurts then we have not experienced LOVE in TRUTH we have experienced love thru a belief system that seeks to devalue the currency itself.

Many will spring to the defense of the belief.  We have all been hurt and have been presented with the currency that hurt us but it is illusion, for it is possible to entwine other currencies to hide TRUTH just as it is possible to entwine other currencies around LOVE in TRUTH.  It is the human logical mind that keeps us in situations that are not TRUTH, it is the human logical mind that defies our heart and tells us that we do not love, are not loved or that love is something to be run from. It does this because it sees LOVE in TRUTH as the enemy.  The human logical mind is the tool of darkness for this reason.

Darkness cannot enter the deep space of the heart, it can loiter around the edges of the heart, it can provide a cloak that gives the illusion of love and it will ALWAYS PLAY TO LOGIC AND REASON in order to defend itself. When we are in the deep space of our heart, when we are using LOVE in TRUTH then we will highlight all that is not TRUTH and it will be revealed. Sounds simple but due to the defense mechanism built into the human logical mind we have to walk thru the belief systems that keep the blindfolds on.

"He never sees me, he never listens" translates as BLINDNESS.  "She doesnt know i exist" translates as human blindness. What blinds in love? darkness for it takes the shape and the form of love and hides in the shadows for it knows when it steps into the LIGHT of TRUTH it will be found.

At this time we are asked to let the shadows be revealed in order that TRUTH is revealed and that our hearts can heal. For without a healed heart we are simply the blind leading the blind and with all blindness it will keep us fully in the dark in order to prevent us seeing that which it is.  Only by stepping into the LIGHT can we see the shadow that is not an original part of the construct that is the human physical vehicle. It is often referenced as the blind spot and as with an actual vehicle, we are completely blind in this one area. It is here that Lucifer stands pretending to guide us whilst in TRUTH he robs of us of our birthright which is LOVE in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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