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The Role of Anger in TRUTH

How often do we find ourselves feeling deep frustration and allow anger to rise up within us? probably more often than we admit due to the intense conditioning that humanity are subject to in relation to the denying of this very destructive emotion.  Anger sees us completely blind, it is the gateway if you will to all the other "negative" emotions that we are conditioned to deny, hide and to keep firmly attached to.  Forgiveness is a key and yet forgiveness lies beyond the anger that arises when we are asked to forgive. Somehow we believe that in forgiving someone we have lost something when in TRUTH we receive something.

It is anger that destroys, it is akin to a spiritual knife that eats on all levels of creation. Unresolved anger will manifest as various health conditions within the human body because it creates a toxic bridge that allows darkness to harness the cellular structure of our human vehicle.  We are conditioned to use anger as the weapon that somehow we are taught to believe is the way to defend ourselves.  Anger is seen as a weapon of power and yet all anger does is dis-empower and blind and this is of course deliberate. A comprised human vehicle running a root of anger is a destructive tool.  The human vehicle blindly driven through an emotion that can in many instances takes the lives of other human beings around it.  Seen in this context it is obvious that anger is a choice weapon for darkness.  It is anchored deep at the core of the human soul and comes out in force when we begin to walk out of darkness and more fully towards light.

There is no anger in light, no anger in love in TRUTH for anger is the poison in the apple that many continue to eat from.  It is a living death and is a tool of destruction of self.  We gain nothing and can lose everything from allowing anger to remain as part of our human life experience.

You may ask dear reader how on earth you can step past anger when in your own human life experience there may be angry people, perhaps immediate family are angry and somehow the belief that you are the victim of their anger arises within you.  ALL IS INTERNAL AND EXTERNALIZED.

The only way to address anger in this our human life experience is to take out the root of anger that is inside of us. As we do this then those reflections of the internal anger that we cannot see let alone acknowledge will begin to move further and further to the edge of our human life experience eventually leaving it completely.  ALL anger is a weapon and it is the knife that sits cutting us into pieces internally within our human soul.

We are now asked to address this hidden inner anger through internal work with Christ.  It is Christ who places us in the spiritual space in which we can first of all begin to see our anger then we can trace it back to its root. There is no servitude in dealing with the reflections of anger because they are just reflections, we require to look behind the mirror and take out the root.  This sees us UNPLUG from the violent, aggressive, separative life experience that we have simply been conditioned to accept is part and parcel of being human. It is not.

We must remain on the Rock that IS Christ as we now purge the weapon from within us, as we take back our human life experience using the lens of TRUTH and not the broken glass of vengeance.

Romans 12:19 (KJV)

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord


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