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The role of CHAOS in TRUTH

Humanity are subject to various forms of influence that they are conditioned to ignore and to surrender to.  For many within humanity the world is total chaos and has gone "mad" and yet the world is no different to what it was, all that has been changed is the human perception of what is playing out. We are warned in the Word of YHWY that in the end of timesIsaiah 5:20 (KJV) Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

It cannot be underlined enough how much influence and conditioning that humanity are subject to. The "permissiveness" of the latter few generations is through conditioning and nothing else. Morality is under attack because Lucifer knows that he has sown the seeds of rejection and abandonment within the human psyche. Those who believe that the need to "fit in" is a primary directive are those who push for the acceptance that humanity are conditioned to allow.

Having returned from another country to my country of birth I have witnessed first hand the conditioning that has continued after I left.  It has only been a few linear years but I do not recognize the country that I left.  The control, the "laws" that erode our basic human rights are all in place but they weren't put in place overnight.  It has been a slow erosion that has simply gained in momentum.  Any time I have queried the validity of what is enforced within the country I have been met by "that's just how it is, what else can we do but get on with it".  This erosion of reality is deliberate for many who are defaulting to this response have lived under the conditioning and never exited it. The belief that the rest of the world live the same way is staggering.  So neutered is the UK through the media and the press that there is no freedom of speech left.  Everything is promoted as "hatred" when in TRUTH it is simply a difference of opinion from the conditioned response.

Many can reach for books like 1984 and see how the outer waking reality has already manifested into a "big brother state".  It is the acceptance of "no choice" that is the most concerning as those who have defaulted to this seek to police those who still choose to challenge it.  The neutering of those around them begins as they begin to defend the very conditioning that keeps them solidified in a false reality.  I have long since stated that the UK is a godless country and that is what is playing out hugely.  Our Creator YHWY is not talked about in the UK, the construct of religion has sought to tie "religion" to "abuse" in order that through this conditioning and false referencing those who are in most need of Salvation in TRUTH simply reject it outright. Religion has nothing to do with Salvation in TRUTH and yet it has been defined so repeatedly.  Conditioning is the repetition of something until it becomes accepted as the "norm".

Chaos is deliberate in order to hide the hand that is behind said chaos.  When we allow that which we are told to live by to slip and to be eroded then it gains in momentum.  We are at a point in linear time that is equal to Moses coming down the mountain with the ten commandments.  Many within humanity are conditioned to accept that immorality is life and simply ignore the ten basic commandments as the rebellion is woven into the media, the tv and social media.  Cheating, killing, lying and abuse are swallowed repeatedly and presented as "entertainment", those who swallow it do not understand the pill that they have ingested as it gets to work reshaping their internal emotional landscape.  This alters their perception of their outer waking reality that is then validated through the very media that presented it to them.

The only way to step out of the control of Lucifer is to accept our Salvation in TRUTH through Christ, himself.  Not through sitting in a physical church undergoing more conditioning but through opening our heart space and accepting Him first and foremost. Then allowing the connection to reveal TRUTH to us.Revelation 18:4 (KJV) And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Our Creator YHWY did not send His Son, Christ to swell the congregations of churches, He sent His Son to show TRUTH. At this time the deliberate chaos that is being poured into humanity is there to hide TRUTH, to steer humanity away from TRUTH for Lucifer knows that his end is near. Prophesy will complete, it will complete regardless of human interpretation of it for our Creator YHWY's Will is no match for the human will that Lucifer has spent eternity cultivating.  Only our Creator YHWY has creation rights in TRUTH, only His Son, Christ is the exit door, all else is illusion and chaos. Lucifer is uncreation, he is death, he is rage and rebellion and all who follow him will manifest his will through their actions and deeds.  If we do not follow Christ in TRUTH then we are following Lucifer for there are only two choices, life or death. We are asked to choose LIFE for TRUTH JUST IS and never alters. Kx

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