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The Role of Emotional Residue in Human Relationships in TRUTH

Manipulation of the emotional residue that we are conditioned to produce and to keep hold of is the way that Lucifer maintains the very tight constructs that we walk within. These of course are hidden to the naked human eyes and yet they can be seen when they are understood in TRUTH.  How often do we adjust our behavior, our decision making and our life experience in response to the will of those around us?  Our immediate family is the tool that Lucifer uses repeatedly for we may look at the friends that we make in the world but we barely give a second glance to those we are related to and live with.

I have touched upon the conditioning that takes place the moment we are born and how it is used by darkness to manipulate our view of the outer waking world. We do not view the world through our own eyes, we view the world through the eyes of the person who had the most emotional impact upon us in our earlier life.  This is usually one of the primary caregivers as we are usually within the full conditioning of our parents when we are born. Such is the manifestation of emotional residue that often this will now only be one parent or may be an extended family member, such is the fracturing of the emotional landscape the mother, father, child unit is being destroyed and this is deliberate by Lucifer for it holds those involved tighter in the constructs that they weave around them.

Emotional residue always will manifest as a "fear of", whether this be fear of upsetting someone close to us, fear of disappointing someone close to us or some other fear, this emotional anchor is one that is being used repeatedly within humanity at this time. Many who are attempting to walk towards Christ are being pulled back into the routine and rote of their immediate family which is policed through this emotional residue. Families are held together through unwritten rules that are never written or spoken but can be felt by all those who are born into the family unit.  The stepping out of routine and rote of family patterning is exceptionally difficult and can only ever be attempted through surrender to Christ for we require the understanding that sits beyond our human logical mind in order to work with the process.Matthew 6:24 (KJV) No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

The resentment that builds within family structures is the manifestation of the emotional residue that the family patterning and conditioning produces.  We tend to assume that those around us who have similar interests and ways of living all had similar upbringings and this is not TRUTH.  A family unit with more than one child will produce children who view the world slightly differently, what one child experiences as supportive the other child may experience as less than supportive. The false teaching that exists within many families of "treating the children equally" is false due to the very personal and unique way that we all interpret the world around us.  A child needs to be understood for how they are not how we perceive they should be.  This creates the very fractures that expand as the children grow and move out into the wider waking world and are patrolled by Lucifer who seeks to stand in the blind spots in order to create even more fracturing, it is from the fracturing that more emotional residue is created and it is the emotional residue that feeds Lucifers world.

Many within humanity seek to ask the question of why humanity cannot simply stop going to war with one another and be kind to one another, this denies the internal emotional residue and the lens that all view all through.  The outer waking world is not solid in the physical sense, it becomes solid through our interaction and emotional connection with it. In order to dissolve the constructs we need to surrender the emotional residue that BUILDS AND MAINTAINS said constructs. Only by doing this can movement that is permanent and TRUTH be achieved. All else is further illusion as the constructs seek to hide themselves in variations on a theme.

Strongholds are constructs that seek to remain intact and must be removed at a spiritual level, they will play out repeatedly always with an underlying theme and designed to blind those woven into them.  Seeking to have those woven into them attempting to strive and to physically change the outer reality only to reset and provide a similar experience. This drives the frustration within many within humanity and the hostility that this creates is deliberate.  (For futher information regarding strongholds and other similar tools of darkness please visit the main website).

At this time we are asked to look internally and to hand over the emotional residue that Christ illuminates within us to Him.  For we have the tools that we need to remove said anchors when we are surrendered fully in Christ and to the Will of our Creator YHWY in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE Kx

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