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The Role of Grief in TRUTH

We are rapidly approaching the festive day when the build up that has been more and more intense the past few linear years bursts.  The focus on one day of the year builds expectations that can never be fully realized for they exist only within the illusion that is presented through the media.  The longed for outcomes never arrive as the "perfection" bubble is burst, often dramatically.  Humanity are not perfect, as a living, breathing human being we were never made to be "perfect" but in today's technologically driven world we can present the illusion that we are.  Social media allows for us to edit our lives to present a picture that is not TRUTH,  other social media platforms allow us to filter to the point that we do not even look like our reflection in the mirror, all presents an illusion that the human logical mind references and stores and which our human eyes fall to at each moment.

The separation between reality and illusion has never been greater and this is the reflection of how far humanity have stepped away from our Creator YHWY.  Our spiritual separation manifests in the physical world that our human bodies live within.  The deep hole that many feel deep inside of themselves especially at this time of year can only ever be filled in TRUTH by our Creator YHWY but Lucifer presents various alternatives.  Present buying is not done out of love but out of a sense of duty, a sense of responsibility... many parents with young children are buying to levels that are obscene and yet the emotional landscape that fuels this remains hidden.

The younger two generations at this time have been separated to levels that will now begin to manifest in an outpouring of grief and angst.  The build up for them has been intense, it is only when they have in their hands the latest gadgets that they realize that it changes nothing in their immediate human life experience. It does not make them feel more loved, it does not make them feel more worthy, it changes nothing other than gives them more distractions which they can use to run from the deep internal pain that builds inside of them.

The meaning of Xmas is the harvesting of the emotional landscapes of humanity.  Gone are the illusion of it being about anything else.  We live in a country where there is an outcry when a manger is placed as a festive decoration in a window.  The assault on our spiritual freedom is ever present and it will continue.  Humanity are now so lost in their own spiritual wilderness that anything that promises to fill the deep vacuum that the human life experience has manifest into is run to.  This running back and forth is fueled by the grief that the separation manifests but which humanity remain blind to.

We were created to be vulnerable, we were created to love one another, to help one another and to socialize with each other. That is what being human is all about. Take away the socialization, the physical interaction with those around and the grief is sown, Lucifer harvests from this grief, growing it first of all through the manipulation of our own emotions.  We choose to separate, it is not a choice that is taken for us.  When we become parents  we have the responsibility of educating our children in respect of their spiritual health. This has been all but eradicated from the schooling system which sees children as figures on league tables and little else. It is our responsibility to help our offspring understand that this world is not as it appears, to equip them with the spiritual tools that they require in order to walk a path that is safe and secure in a world that is darker than it has ever been.  Left to their own devices children will wander into the wilderness and many will never find their way back home.

The manifestation of grief is the separation from those around us.  We grieve in various ways and there are various stages of grief, anger, sadness, regret, desolation, each person is affected differently.  Many looking out on to the world today may be in full disbelief as to how it has become but we each and every one of us play a part.  It is our responsibility to love those around us, difficult though it may seem the only way that we can truly do this is through prayers for those around us.  We ask our Creator YHWY to help those whom we love and we share communities with.  It is our humanity that is under attack and the attack will now deepen.

As we approach the festive day we are asked to pray for all of humanity. To pray for them to open their hearts to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ. But it is not just to pray that we are asked we are asked to be as Christ. To lend a helping hand when we can, to have that conversation that allows for healing to take place, to reach out to friends and neighbors who are finding this time of year difficult.  It is our Creator YHWY who will through His Grace give us the strength and the protection to do this.  We are never alone, we must remember that our Creator YHWY is our Heavenly Father and we as His Children are under His watchful and loving care.  We lose nothing by reaching out to those around us, even when we are rebuked or receive an angry response, we tried.

We must understand that those around us are in deep grief, for things that have not appeared, for people lost and that their grief seeks an outlet.  Do not be held back by the silence that humanity have allowed to grow between them.  When we are prompted we must act and we never can know what is sown through our kind actions.

In a dark world then the tiniest of lights can be seen, and that for many within humanity is all that they need in order to step back from further venture into the wilderness. For many that tiny light is the answer to their prayers.

Be the Light in the darkness, however small, for the LIGHT of TRUTH will never ever diminish for TRUTH came to us in human form in order to show us the Light and it is this Light which will now guide us in our walk in this our human life experience. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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