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The SEALING of the 144,000 in TRUTH

For many at this time the outer waking reality is fully breaking down and we have always been guided that this will occur. In a dimensional space that is held in place only by FEAR then it is the FEAR that had to be released and severed in order for the dimensional space to reveal itself in TRUTH.

The out pouring of hatred, of anger, of disbelief is the physical manifestation of that which has remained only on the spiritual plane until this point. As this now clears thru the physical plane in which humanity exist it will begin to reveal at a PHYSICAL LEVEL that which has sought to contain and suppress the evolution of humanity in TRUTH.

It is not enough to work only on the spiritual plane, this was always going to be a battle that took place on the physical plane, something that the Old Earth Matrix went to great lengths to hide from humanity. For those who has sought shelter and solace on the spiritual plane there is a requirement now to move this to the very physical plane as the spiritual plane now EMPTIES.

It empties of the entities that have sought to hide behind a veil that has now been removed. This will see an extremely corrupt outer waking reality revealed but it reveals TRUTH, those who remain in denial are risking their mental well being in trying to rationalize something that is beyond the level of understanding of the human logical mind.

THIS IS WHY WE INCARNATED INTO THIS DIMENSIONAL SPACE. For those who have sought to follow a "lifestyle" and who have chosen to fall to the belief that "only love exists" then this may be a challenging time for many have ignored the warnings that were given in respect of "ascended masters", "angels" and " the fallen". They have chosen to fall to the illusion that somehow this does not apply to them and their walk is the path of "love and light". Now TRUTH reveals and it may be a shock to many.

We are not here to walk in the footsteps of any "guru", of any "master", we are here to WALK IN TRUTH thru a dissolving veil of illusion. We must therefore place our feet firmly IN TRUTH and this can only ever be done thru anchoring thru the deep heart space.

Revelation is almost complete and the sealing of the 144,000 is now occurring. The outer waking reality will now compare with that of many films and "fantasy material" which will push many who are now preparing to exit this dimensional space over the edge.

TRUTH JUST IS, it will stand because it is all that exists, all else is abomination.

For further support and guidance on the coming STORM please listen to the TRUTH Codes Bridge Podcasts on spotify, the latest podcast is below:



(c) Karen Doonan

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